4 Foods to Make From Scratch at Home this Summer

4 foods made from scratch

Cooking is something almost everyone enjoys. Although we don’t always have the time for this necessary activity, it can be really invigorating to create something you, your family and friends can enjoy. This is especially true if your meal is made completely from scratch! Enjoying our favorite foods can be great- especially if you enjoy preparing them, and they have some healthy benefits.

It’s good for beginners to follow recipes for favorite foods. But it’s always a more fun to go off the beaten path and try making food you would normally pick up at the supermarket. Cooking up your foods from home can also be a much healthier, organic and delicious option than the mass-produced products you will find in stores.

Here are a few foods to try making at home this summer!

1) Bread

The staple carbohydrate of any home. It’s amazing how quickly one household might get through a loaf of bread. It’s a food that can be incorporated in any given meal of the day.

There’s a variety of bread out there you can make to suit each taste. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous either. Try using a bread machine to make sourdough, or maybe a fruit and nut bread. A basic bread recipe doesn’t take more than a handful of ingredients to make, and with a bread maker the process is that bit quicker and easier than by hand.

Not only will you have a crusty, warm and unique loaf at the end of it, but the house will smell so good! Enjoy for toast and sandwiches, and as a pairing with soup.

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2) Pasta

Making your own pasta is not something that’s too common in the average household. However, again, it’s pretty simple. It’s not something you can show off at dinner parties, but it can be cheaper and more nourishing than supermarket pasta. The fresh eggs in homemade pasta can give the food a higher nutritional value. This authentic Italian food is also lower in carbohydrates than shop-bought dry pasta.

Using a manual pasta maker, try putting in spinach, or throw in some of your favorite herbs to spice up your dough. You can then use this as a base for a flavorsome and fresh pasta dish. For balanced meals think spaghetti bolognese, mushroom stroganoff and roast vegetable ratatouille.

3) Pesto and Other Sauces

Homemade sauce is very versatile, and of course pairs well with homemade pasta!. You probably have heard before how full of sugar and salt shop-bought sauces can be. They also tend to contain a variety of additives and flavorings, making them more artificial than you may realize.

Pesto doesn’t contain many ingredients and you can vary the recipe to make something a bit different. Swap the basil for garlic or parsley, and maybe try adding more nuts – cashew and brazil work nicely – for that extra bit of nutty nutrition. Tomato sauces are simple to make and can be tailored to your taste buds. Try adding one of your favorite cheeses and vegetables for a chunky and naturally salty sauce.

4) Flapjacks

Flapjacks are one of those nostalgic foods that are the perfect Sunday afternoon baking snack. These are a great way to get everyone in the kitchen for a fun morning of creative cooking.

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Like most the foods here, your basic recipe doesn’t contain too many ingredients, so flapjacks are simple and quick to make. Adding dried fruit for extra vitamins and minerals, nuts and nut butters for essential fatty acids and seeds can make these oat treats even more nutritious. If you’re fancying a slightly sweeter treat, add chocolate chips, honey or coconut.

You will be amazed by the difference in taste between your home cooked cakes and the unnatural ingredients in factory produced flapjacks.

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