Tips to Relax and Calm Your Mind

If you’ve just purchased a new home your mind is probably racing. While closing on a house is cause for celebration, you’ve still probably got a lot on your plate and you may even feel anxious which can make it more difficult to make decisions and get everything done you need to accomplish, creating a vicious cycle.

Our brains aren’t designed to be constantly active, in addition to getting a good night’s sleep, we need to take time to calm our minds and take a break from the constant demands. Being overstressed can lead to physical and mental health problems, from weight gain and high blood pressure to anxiety and depression.

Instant Relaxation Mode

This technique is ideal for instantly bringing yourself into relaxation mode:

  1. Get into a comfortable position (ideally in loose, relaxed clothing).
  2. Tighten the muscles in each one of your toes, holding the pose for a count of 10 and then relaxing them slowly as tension releases.
  3. Do the same with the muscles in your feet and then work up through your body, from your legs to your abs, your back, shoulders, neck and face, holding then relaxing as you go.

Take a Walk

When anxious thoughts start to flood your mind, take a walk. Even if you’re at work, you can walk down the wall or around the building. Getting out into the fresh air, if possible, makes it easier to forget about your cares, get some exercise and instantly calm your mind.


This can method can be done anytime and anywhere, just stop whatever you’re doing and focus on your breath. Breathing the right way can instantly calm your mind, as it brings in more oxygen, reducing anxiety. Loosen your shoulders and try to relax. You want to breathe from the deepest part of your longs by using your diaphragm, the large sheet-like muscle that lies at the bottom of the chest cavity. Place your left hand on your upper chest, and your right hand on your abdomen when you breathe your right hand should move up and down, but your left hand should be still, if it isn’t you?re breathing too shallow.


Aromatherapy is something that?s been practiced for centuries and it can be especially good for calming the mind. Countless studies, including research out of Austria’s University of Vienna, have found that lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety. In fact, it’s been shown to work just as well or even better than the pharmaceutical drug Ativan, but without the long list of potential side effects. Simply breathe in the scent, of the oil or place a few drops on your chest.

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