5 Tips for a Stress-Free Morning


Mornings are the most essential part of your day and if your morning starts on the wrong foot, that bad mood can last for the rest of the day. This can inhibit your tasks and to-do lists, making it harder to be patient and present with yourself and with your loved ones. Sometimes your busy schedule just can’t afford to be thrown off by a bad mood. Sometimes a bad mood is unavoidable but, in most circumstances, there are ways to prevent or diminish them.

To avoid morning stress, follow the tips below to build the healthy habit of keeping your morning anxiety free. Keeping this habit up can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. It can allow you to have the mental space to appreciate the world and your loved ones, as well as focus on the tasks of the day. Implementing this seemingly small habit can improve weeks, months and years of your life to come, and it’s never too early to start!

Some simple tips for a stress free day

Thinking Ahead

Planning an outfit the previous evening can help save time. If you are focused on remembering everything you need for work or have kids who need help getting ready for school, trying to figure out a cohesive outfit on top of that can be a pain. When the clock is ticking and you have a deadline, the looming fear of missing a button or having to hunt for a misplaced accessory can throw your entire routine off. So, take some time the night before and choose an outfit to set yourself up for success the next morning.

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Express gratitude

Take a few minutes after you wake up to either be mindful of or write down a few things you are grateful for, no matter how big or small, improve your mood. Life can be difficult and overwhelming so remembering to be grateful for the things and people you love helps keep you calm and puts a smile on your face. When you are connected to your own body and mind as well as the world around you, life becomes more manageable. Starting the day with a positive state of mind can lift your mood and provide residual benefits throughout the day.


Arrange and assemble what comes with you when leaving the house. Designate a specific place for each person where they can consistently keep essential items they need to take when they leave the house. This could look like a backpack, purse, briefcase or gym bag. When you return home at night, empty used or unneeded items and replace them so you can grab them before you leave in the morning. Then be sure to put the items in the same place you will remember to grab them from in the morning so everything you need will all be in the same place every day.

Heathy Breakfast

Boost your breakfast routine.  Be someone that is proud of the way they eat and the types of food they start their morning with. If you are crunched for time or have trouble choosing what to eat in the morning, having easy but healthy meals ready can take some of this stress out of your morning. For example, yogurt and granola with some fruit and/or chia seeds, a breakfast protein smoothie, or some eggs and avocado toast are all quick but healthy options to start your morning.  That said, don’t sacrifice healthy and natural for convenience. Making sure that your meals are balanced not only improves your physical but also mental health. Thinking about your long-term goals of both living more stress free and feeding yourself healthier, more nutritional food can empower you to keep up these healthier habits. Starting your day off with a balanced meal can set you up for a clearer, more conscious day.

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Avoid Technology

Steer clear of distractions. If you’re like most people, you reach for your phone immediately after opening your eyes. However, this trap can suck you into answering emails, scrolling through your newsfeed or falling into a social media rabbit hole. This wastes precious time you could be devoting to more productive activities, such as cooking a healthy breakfast. Force yourself to leave your phone and other distractions out of your regular morning routine to more efficiently get out the door.

Applying these five tips into your morning routine can help you set yourself up for both short- and long-term success. No one wants to start the day in chaos.  Having some forethought and planning ahead can help you tackle your mornings and start your day stress free. Preparing ahead of time, practicing gratitude and eating a healthy breakfast are all great ways to calmly begin your day. Developing these stress-reducing habits and regularly practicing them will enable you to be more relaxed and bring more joy into your life.


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