Milk Chocolate Bars Without Artificial Sweeteners

Oobli All Chocolates

 Oobli, the global leader in sweet protein foods and beverages known for its healthy sugar alternatives, has introduced Oobli Milk Chocolate bars into its growing sweet protein-powered product portfolio as well as an expanded line of dark chocolate bars. For those looking for a sweet treat with a whole lot less guilt, Oobli’s chocolate bars are a perfect gut- and blood-sugar friendly option.

By adding a tiny amount of sweet protein for sweetness – instead of sugar or alternative sweeteners – Oobli Milk Chocolates contain 70% less sugar than traditional milk chocolate bars and only 1g of added sugar per serving. Sweet proteins are like any other type of dietary protein, except they happen to taste sweet. Derived from small, rare fruits that grow near the Equator, sweet proteins don’t affect blood sugar, insulin or the gut microbiome, making them a healthy alternative to alternative sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, Stevia and erythritol.

“Until now, consumers have needed to compromise on taste if they wanted a low-sugar alternative. With Oobli sweet proteins, there is now a solution to enjoy chocolate with a whole lot less guilt!,” said Ali Wing, CEO, Oobli. “Chocolates are a proof point of Oobli’s ability to sweeten foods in a healthier way with no compromise on your gut or taste buds.”

Oobli is also relaunching its dark chocolate bars with a craft specialty approach in four brand new flavors. Known as a popular dark chocolate option, Oobli’s new protein-powered dark chocolate bars have a mere 1g of sugar per serving without the inclusion of any alternative sweeteners.

Oobli Milk Chocolates

  • Four flavors: Cocoa Dreams, Let’s Go Nuts, Almond Crunch, Crisp ‘n Rice
  • 4g of sugar (or less) per serving
  • Only 1g of added sugar per serving
  • Keto-friendly with only 4-7g net carbs per serving
  • High in fiber (9-10g per serving)
  • No refined sugars
  • No alternative or artificial sweeteners
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Oobli Milk Chocolates are available for purchase immediately at, local Southern California retailers and coming soon on Amazon. Oobli’s expanded line of Dark Chocolates will be available shortly after the launch of Milk Chocolates. Both chocolate lines are sold in a four or eight-pack

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