New Women’s Health Supplement for Menopause: MenoWise

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Redd Remedies, a leading herbal supplement company committed to providing holistic health solutions, is proud to announce the launch of MenoWise, a powerful supplement that addresses the 10 common symptoms of menopause. MenoWise is a hormone-free, estrogen-free, and all-natural solution designed to support women throughout their menopause experience, from perimenopause to post-menopause.

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s journey, and it can bring about a multitude of symptoms that vary from person to person. Redd Remedies recognizes the unique challenges women face during this transition and has formulated MenoWise to provide holistic support, without relying on hormonal treatments, making it a safe and effective choice for natural relief.

Stacey LittlefieldRedd Remedies’ Master Herbalist, played a pivotal role in formulating MenoWise. Littlefield and her team created MenoWise using a powerful combination of botanical ingredients, including EstroG-100®, a patented blend of three Korean herbal extracts, and Shatavari, one of the most prized botanicals in Ayurvedic healing tradition. These ingredients have been shown to address symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and more.

“Our goal with MenoWise is to offer women a natural and holistic solution to navigate the challenges of menopause. By targeting multiple symptoms with a hormone-free approach, we aim to empower women during this significant life transition,” Littlefield said.

Redd Remedies’ CEO, Dan Chapman, also noted how customers can benefit from the expertise of Littlefield and the company’s commitment to quality and transparency.

“At Redd Remedies, we understand the impact that menopausal symptoms can have on a woman’s daily life. MenoWise is a result of our dedication to providing natural, effective solutions that empower women to embrace this change with confidence,” Chapman said.

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MenoWise joins Redd Remedies’ Women’s Health line of products which provide a variety of health solutions for women, no matter what phase of life they are in. Other products in the line include Peaceful MamaRhythm & FloThyroid StrongBone Health Advanced, and UT Soothe with Probiotics.

For more information about MenoWise, and to purchase the product, visit

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