New Game Changer for Slowing Aging

SRW labs is really changing the science of aging with this discovery and it finally available in supplement form from SRW labs! 

SRW has developed the first full line of targeted cellular health supplements. The nutraceuticals line is called Cellular System Range and includes: Cel1Stability, Cel2 Nourishment and Cel3 Renewal.

For more than a decade, the team has been working in the biotechnology sector, focusing on the aging process at the cellular level. This work led them to discover ways to target the nine identified, scientific hallmarks of aging, which is the premise of a newly released book, “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging” by Greg Macpherson, a biotechnologist, pharmacist and founder of SRW Laboratories (SRW),  While writing the book he realized finding the recommended nutrients and compounds needed for optimal cellular stability, nourishment and renewal was not that easy. This led him to the idea of developing a company centered on cellular health supplements to help people succeed at aging well.

One of the game changing molecules he is utilizing in SRW’s supplement, Cel1 Stability, is hobamine (2-HOBA), an extract from Himalayan Tartary buckwheat, discovered by Vanderbilt University scientists. It’s so cutting edge, it is hard to find in most supplements; in fact, Macpherson’s company is only the second company in the world to offer it. Research shows that 2-HOBA can help the immune system stabilize to a restful, healthy state, versus being over-stimulated, which can happen over the long term as we age.

Just like sunscreen protects our skin DNA from damage, 2-HOBA protects cells from damage caused from the environment that leads to premature aging.

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