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Roots Focus launches a new line of nootropic

Roots launches its premier mind, body and mood lifestyle brand with its mind and mood boosting supplement line, Roots Focus. Roots Focus channels the invigorating benefits of caffeine along with the unique advantages of functional mushrooms to both promote brain health and heighten energy.

Serving as an alternative to caffeinated beverages such as pure coffee or energy drinks, it ensures sustained vitality with only 56 mg of caffeine and without the typical after-effects associated with caffeine consumption. Roots Focus stands apart from conventional solutions by harnessing the combined potency of multiple synergistic brain health ingredients that support every facet of cognitive function and overall body health. This unique formulation powers individuals with unparalleled clarity and vigor, transcending the limitations of single-nutrient solutions.


“Roots Focus was created with the goal of offering more than just a supplement. It’s an experience and daily ritual, designed to fuel sustained focus, heighten mental acuity and provide unwavering vitality in a safe, clean manner,” says Ryan Toreson, senior vice president and general manager of MHF Group Holdings, creator of Roots Focus.

Featuring a robust blend of four powerful mushroom powders, each serving of the new supplement line delivers a functional 2g total dose that can replace existing functional mushroom supplements due to its higher potency. The 56 mg of caffeine offers a much needed boost while containing a healthy, lower dose than other supplements on the market.

Roots Focus comes in four enticing flavors that mix with water, including:

  • Fruit Punch: a contemporary twist on a timeless classic with this vibrant fusion of fruits that will exhilarate the senses
  • Spicy Pineapple: a burst of lively pineapple with a zesty finish and an unforgettable sweet and spicy satisfaction
  • Blackberry Lavender Lemonade: a harmonious blend of succulent blackberries, soothing lavender and fresh-squeezed lemonade
  • Strawberry Watermelon: sweet strawberry and juicy watermelon summer flavor sensation
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With 0g of sugar, 15 calories per serving and both gluten and dairy-free, Roots Focus is priced at $59.99, offering approximately 50 servings at just $1.20 per serving. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

To learn more about Roots Focus, visit DrinkRoots.com.

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