Liposomal Hemp Gummies for Everyday Stress Relief


The Apricō Broad Spectrum Hemp gummies achieve double the absorption of other leading gummy-based hemp supplements, with effects felt within five minutes and peaking three times faster than conventional hemp gummy brands.

These rejuvenated products are a necessity in the supplement industry, which is expected to grow 9% by decade’s end, because of the advanced bioavailability that is activated upon consumption.

Experience enhanced absorption with these advanced liposomal supplements

Designed to help harmonize body and mind, these gummies feature pure goodness of THC-free hemp extract, GABA, and a blend of botanicals enhanced by the inviting taste of grapefruit and thyme.

Apricō products are vegan, triple tested for purity, allergen free, and free from artificial colors, sweeteners, gluten, and dairy. Apricō is made with clean ingredients, and all products are subject to rigorous quality controls, including internal and external potency and purity testing.

“Apricō’s gummies embody our dedication to bringing science and consumer needs together,” Dr. Shade said. “We’re using Quicksilver Scientific’s advanced research and liposomal delivery technology along with Apricō’s consumer-obsessed focus to deliver high-quality products that are highly effective and genuinely enjoyable to use as part of one’s wellness regimen.”

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