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In the modern world, concentration comes at a premium. Everything from endless distractions to shortened attention spans is challenging the average individual’s ability to think deeply and for prolonged periods of time. CNN reported earlier in 2023 that the attention issue has gotten so bad that adults — not children, adults — can only stay focused on a screen (one of the most addictive of places to put a person’s attention) for an average of 47 seconds. In 2004, the same research process reported a total attention period of 2.5 minutes.

As attention shrinks and distractions compound, it’s important for individuals to find ways to focus when they need to. When someone is off the clock or resting, they can let their mind wander. But when deep work or prolonged attention is required, they must find the tools to help them stay in the zone.

The issue is doing this without becoming overly dependent on strong medications and chemical pharmaceuticals. That’s where health brand Ananta’s herbal remedy, Memoboost, can be a game changer.

“We created Memoboost to support the entire cognitive function of the brain,” explains Ananta president Pradeep Jain. “It combines potent herbal ingredients to provide a holistic, well-rounded form of nutraceutical support for the brain.”

The unique combination includes multiple herbs that are well-known for their cognition-boosting benefits. With each dose of Memoboost, botanicals such as bacopa monnieri and ginkgo biloba work to stimulate neurogenesis, NGF (nerve growth factor) levels, and blood circulation. This, in turn, supports the assimilation and analysis of information, helping the brain concentrate, learn, and remember. The natural formula even helps support deeply nuanced brain activity, such as abstract thinking.

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