An Ideal Tool to Have on Hand for Cold and Flu Season


Fall and winter are known as cold and flu season due to the concentration of illnesses that take place during that part of the year. Adults catch a cold two to three times each year on average. Children get sick more often, usually in the colder months.

Cold symptoms vary, but two classic staples are a runny nose and a sore throat. Honey is a go-to natural home remedy for a bad cold, as it soothes the throat and makes it easier to rest. High-quality honey also has the ability to fight bacterial infections and help the healing process. However, the kind of honey a person uses — especially if it’s Mānuka honey — can make a big difference in how effective it is. That’s where BeeNZ enters the picture.

“Mānuka honey stands out from other honey types as a unique super-food,” explains BeeNZ co-founder Julie Hayes. “It has clinically proven antimicrobial properties. These are unique traits with a broad range of applications — including helping manage the common cold.”

Hayes clarifies that while Mānuka honey is already a step up from normal run-of-the-mill honey brands, the potency of each batch of Mānuka honey matters, too. This is measured by something called UMF (Unique Mānuka Factor). This is a third-party, internationally recognized quality assurance system that validates the purity, potency, authenticity, and shelf-life of each batch of Mānuka honey.

To ensure a high Mānuka rating, BeeNZ keeps its honey harvesting system in-house as much as possible. BeeNZ owns its own hives and works with a handful of other trusted beekeepers who are proud to source only the very best quality Manuka Honey. This tight-knit network ensures that all of BeeNZ’s hives are happy and healthy colonies. BeeNZ maintains this closed-loop approach throughout the entire production cycle, too. The brand simultaneously functions as the beekeeper, extractor, processor, packer, and exporter of its Mānuka products — a rarity in the New Zealand honey industry.

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All of BeeNZ’s honey is crafted with care and independently tested. This makes it one of the most trusted Mānuka honeys on the market. It also makes it a truly elite natural resource to help adults and children alike handle symptoms when they are under the weather during this cold and flu season.

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