Vaporizing Cannabis Is Healthier Than Smoking It, Here’s Why

There are some portable vaporizers that perform better than others.

While many like to think of cannabis as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes or consuming other drugs, the way it’s consumed may pose a risk greater than most realize. With a spark of a lighter you can smoke a bowl of marijuana and reach an optimal temperature for THC and other cannabinoids to be released from the flower, but with this convenience comes a cost to your respiratory system.

Every time you decide to toke it up the old fashion way, toxic carcinogens and miscellaneous damaging matter can attack and build up in the lungs. The irritation can be noticed almost immediately during or after a session. Fortunately, there’s a second option for cannabis enthusiasts.

Vape It Up

A dry herb vaporizer is equipped with a heating unit that brings cannabis to its boiling temperature. This temperature is perfect for THC and other cannabinoids to be released without using any fire source. In other words, vaporizing gives users a healthier alternative to smoking, saving them from nasty carcinogens released during a smoke session. A third option would be to consume edibles, but vaporizing gets you high as fast as smoking it would.

Another benefit of vaporizing is the avoidance of a resin and ash buildup. After a vaping session, the remaining flower can be tossed, leaving you with a clean vaporizer. Worrying about a gross-smelling clogged pipe is a thing of the past, which also saves you money on cleaning equipment.

Discrete tokers won’t have to be concerned about the smell produced from smoking anymore, as the scent projected from vaporizers doesn’t stick around long or carry the same pungency. It’s also worth noting the odor absorption from materials such as cloth and hair are near non-existent, if at all, with vaping weed. Furthermore, risks posed by an open flame are eliminated.

Economic Point of View

If you aren’t convinced of the benefits of vaping yet, consider the fact that smoking usually leads to some waste of the compounds responsible for getting you high. As we all know, a fire will go on until it no longer has a source of material to burn. In other words, when you smoke a bowl or smoke a joint, you’re bound to waste a significant portion of THC content from the breaks between each hit. Vaporizers yield and preserve a higher amount of THC over a whole session versus other methods of consumption such as smoking.

Vaporizing equipment isn’t always easy to find, but stores such asĀ Herbonaut make it easy, sorting products into categories such as vape pens, mods, and tanks. The initial investment required pays for itself over time by making up for the lost THC during smoke sessions. For example, if you spent $20 on cannabis and decided to smoke it via joints, you’ve wasted around $5 worth of the THC and other cannabinoids you’re paying for. Spending $20 a week and saving $5 each time results in the vaporizer paying for itself in a mere 10 months.

It’s clear that vaporizing is the adored method of consumption chosen by every cannabis connoisseur. With the widespread legalization throughout the world taking place, more and more users will realize the potential of vaporizers and adopt it as the mainstream way of enjoying marijuana.

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