Water Exercise for Older Adults is Beneficial for Bones, Muscles, and Overall Health

benefits of doing water exercise

For aging adults, bone loss is a significant health concern. We start to lose muscles used for powerful and quick movements that stimulate bone health as we age. Starr Nixdorf at Ability Fix is committed to providing water exercise associated with positive bone maintenance and growth. Typically, they are land-based, where weight-bearing and high-impact activities are proven to improve bone density.

The problem with this is that those types of exercises aren’t always the best choice for older adults with chronic disorders, injuries, or physical limitations. That’s where water-based exercise like water aerobics reigns supreme. Even if water exercise is low impact, it’s not necessarily less effective in preventing age-related bone deterioration. Water exercise is good for your bones and it can decrease the rate of bone loss.

The reason for this is that when you push against water, it pushes back. By using maximum effort in your strength training exercises in water without shortening the range of motion, bone mineral density is typically at least maintained if not improved, according to a study on postmenopausal women.

For example, if someone has osteoporosis, resistance training and mechanical loading are necessary. But those with the chronic conditions above cannot do land exercises, so water is a great place to exercise because it provides resistance with every movement. Muscles become strengthened with consistent water exercise. When you move your body in the pool, the low-impact resistance activates your muscles to help make them more flexible and mobile. The Ability Fix app brings to everyone’s devices everyone a virtual class with the exact water exercises they need to address any of their mobility issues.

Ability Fix was created by Starr at Paradise in Carson City, NV where she’s been teaching water exercise every day for the last 7 years. “I want to bring the physical and emotional benefits I see every day to a wider audience,” she said. “With so many people who have pools in their back yard, it’s a great way to make use of that resource when so many people are looking for ways to exercise at home now.”

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