How a Teeth Whitening Kit Changed My Smile

before and after for teeth whitening

We’ve all been there, right? You are out with friends, and someone says ‘you have something in your teeth.’ Cue the difficult time you are about to have trying to suck the leftover food out of your mouth – first with your tongue. And, when that doesn’t work – dash to the bathroom and pick it out.  When you have discolored teeth – that is how you feel most of the time. Slightly too embarrassed to laugh, or smile for photos. You don’t want to show people your somewhat yellow teeth. It makes sense to search for one of the best teeth whitening kits.

Because what is life if you can’t smile for photos and laugh with your friends and family?

Pretty poor. That’s what.

Now you have finally decided to do something about it.


Spending countless hours trying to find lipstick shades that have a blue undertone, as they make your teeth look much whiter – a top tip from beauty gurus, that really works. But you are limited. Because while those colors look stunning in autumn and winter, in the summer pinks tones and glosses are preferable. Except they do nothing to help the tone of your teeth.

Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Activated charcoal toothpaste, chewing gum after meals, and even cutting back a little on the coffee and red wine.

When the time came to smile for group photos, or even if someone caught me off guard – it was a moment to dread.

Decision Time

The day finally came to get a kit, when looking through those photos on Facebook, they were very obviously not white. And, so began the search.

There are so many kits to choose from, so where do you start? Start with what you are looking for. There is a range of options.

Gel Formula

Many gel whitening kits come with a tray. The tray will sit on your teeth and hold the gel product in place. Of course, you really should use a tray that is either molded at home with warm water and pressing it into place, or get one fitted professionally. The gels work pretty quickly, and because you are less likely to disturb the process if you have the tray, the hydrogen peroxide works brilliantly.


This is usually the first step in lifting stains. If you have been using the same brand for years, then it is probably time to swap. Baking powder, peroxide and activated charcoal are most often found in whitening kinds of toothpaste. But it is worth noting that they have minimal impact because they are only very briefly on your teeth. That isn’t to say they shouldn’t be in your arsenal, but you’ll need to combine it with other things.

Whitening Strips

These are really easy to use and give pretty quick results. The clear plastic strips usually contain hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is one of the fastest and more effective ways to get whiter teeth on a budget. You really should consider if these will work for you if you have sensitive teeth though.

So there are some of the basic choices, you really need to think about what you want. Whitening toothpaste, when used regularly, can have a pretty significant effect, but for more impact, choose a kit.

Most kits come with a color chart, so you can keep track of your progress too.

Using The Kit

You typically use the kit for an hour each day for 14 days. Although this will vary depending on the type you use. Gel kits seemed the most logical to use, and once you have put the tray filled with gel in, you can do some chores, work, or take a nap. There are some brands that can be used overnight too. After you have used the gel kits, you shouldn’t eat, drink or smoke for at least 30 minutes afterward either.

They are really easy to use, and the instructions are very clear. The gel is easy to measure too.

After Treatment

The most significant difference you will see after using one of these kits is that you will LOVE to smile. You’ll do it all the time. Your teeth naturally look healthier, and the whiteness is very obvious. Once you use the color chart to track your progress, you might find you went even lighter than you thought would be possible. Confidence can come from many places. For some it’s a haircut, for others it’s the right shoes.

For some of us, it’s a gleaming white smile – the kind you just can’t hide, and that is how a teeth whitening kit changed my smile… and life.

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