How Vibrational Frequencies Help Your Body Heal

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction. But did you know that it wouldn’t exist without the Law of Vibration? Everything in our world consists of packets of energy that are constantly vibrating with specific frequencies. The Law of Vibration states that all things that exist consist of pure light or energy that resonates as a vibratory frequency. This is one of the most basic laws of our universe. All around us, all matter has a vibratory frequency.

Even items that seem solid in plain sight are not; they can be broken down into very tiny components of atoms, molecules, neutrons, and quanta. Analyzed under a microscope, our surroundings are merely empty space and energy. These vibrations and energy have a higher calling, and those purposes are still being explored today. Jan Wellmann, CEO at WaveLife, created the WaveLife Energy Cell to use vibration as a foundation to help the body heal quicker—without the need for addictive and harmful substances like opioids. Here’s what you need to know:

Vital Fields

Every vibration has a purpose. Vibrating frequencies create vital fields that help protect the body against trauma, stress, toxins, and injury. Your vital field is unique to you in the same way that your fingerprints are unique to you, and different electromagnetic properties are composed of various deficiencies, stressors, and other types of characteristics. These “components” affect the way you process pain and stress. Some research suggests that vibration healing has the ability to stimulate the lymphatic system, regulate blood sugar, improve performance, promote wound healing, and aid in stroke recovery.


“The WaveLife Energy Cell is the product of more than four decades of research in vital fields,” says Wellmann. “It uses EMF (electromagnetic fields) to harness the power of subtle, low-emission frequencies and provide pain relief. By mimicking naturally-occuring vital fields, the Energy Cell is able to alleviate pain, inflammation, allergies, and various other sensitivities.”

Your body generates electricity and has its own electrical fields. If you’re injured, your body uses these electrical fields and sensors to send signals to your brain, and those signals are translated as pain. Everything that happens in your body, from pain to pleasure, can be traced back to electricity and vibrational fields.

These “fields” are life promoting and help protect you, and your unique vital field creates a snapshot of your physical and physiological state of being at any point in time. Today, modern medicine and technology makes it possible to use vital field therapy to target weak energy spots in the body and strengthen them.

Music & Sound Therapy

When you hear the term “frequency,” sound may be the first thing that comes to mind. Sound healing has become an increasingly popular practice in alternative medicine. Consider the growing popularity of white and pink noise machines; many people use these noise makers to pacify them before going to bed.

This form of healing dates back to ancient Greece, and neuroscientists are still learning more about how soundwaves can impact certain disorders. If you show up at a session for sound healing, you’ll likely find tuning forks, crystal bowls, and candles. By manipulating sound frequencies, you may be able to manipulate brain waves that create a ripple effect throughout the rest of your body. Studies have found that sound manipulation can decrease anxiety, depression, and other ailments.

By using sound to promote emotional balance, it may produce the same effect as acupuncture. In fact, one study found that using a tuning fork might even relieve bone and muscle pain. The research suggests that there are over 600 hearing frequencies, and each of them are related to a specific organ, gland, tissue, or even emotional status.

“Generally, when you think about a sound you think about something that has to be listened to,” said English osteopath Sir Peter Guy Manners, whose work influenced modern studies. “In the climatic therapy, it is not exactly like this: it is literally to transmute and translocate precise sonorous frequencies in the tissues and in the structures of the human body. Every part and every organ of the body produces harmony, a sound; this sound is very small and very tiny.”

Vibrations & the Mind

Believe it or not, there are even vibrations to your thoughts and feelings. Anything that we choose to think has its own rate of vibration. These vibrations will attempt to resonate with other forms of identical vibration. This is where “Law of Attraction” comes into play. In layman’s terms, the Law of Attraction is the premise that the things you focus on can be manifested into reality.

If like attracts like and negative attracts negative, this is purely because thoughts attempt to seek out vibrational harmony. Therefore, when you think good thoughts, you can more easily attract feelings and thoughts that align with your good thoughts.

If you have a habit of dwelling on a specific type of thought, that quality of thoughts becomes embedded in the subconscious mind. From here, the quality of your thoughts becomes firmly embedded over time, situating itself as the dominant vibration. The dominant vibration then draws similar vibrations into your life.

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