Ingredients in the best neck creams

The natural process of aging in human beings is often the cause of a lot of depression especially when it starts hitting us physically. One of the few early signs of aging actually starts from our skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, puffy eyes, saggy skin and more are all part of the aging process and all of us must go through.

But did you know that if you treat your skin well, these aging signs can be delayed for as many as 10 years? While some of us take extra good care of our skin, especially on the facial area, a lot of us forget to care for our neck. As a result the first place to give up to the aging process is the delicate area of the neck skin.

The neck skin is so sensitive that it becomes the first victim to aging and fine lines and wrinkles can hit it hard. But the good news is that the aging signs that appear on this delicate area can be taken control of and prevented for as many as 10 years if you know the right treatment to use. There are many neck creams that claim they can rid of wrinkles on your neck. But did you know that there are only two versions of neck cream having two very specific ingredients that guarantee results?

If you are looking for the best neck creams, you need to stop looking at the brand names and start paying attention to what ingredients are being used. All best neck creams use two very specific ingredients individually which are called Retinol and Argireline.

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Both of these ingredients work differently but their main use is to prevent wrinkles. While Retinol is quite easy to acquire from any pharmacy over the counter, Argireline which is more powerful is also often hard to get. But it is more effective of the two.

Argireline is more effective than Retinol because it works in a very different way. Instead of boosting collagen and accelerating skin renewal process, Argireline acts as one of the proteins in the SNARE Complex. The SNARE complex is made up of three proteins that are essential for the muscles to move when you smile or stretch your skin. When Argireline is applied, it prevents the muscles to move in such a manner that wrinkles are never formed. Hence Argireline almost always works to prevent wrinkles.

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