Signs you need Botox

Since everyone has their unique biomarkers, they react differently to different sorts of stimuli. As such, we find that different people age at various rates. While some age quite gracefully, others do not. As we grow older, our skin changes. The skin becomes less elastic and more rigid than it was before. It’s because of this that wrinkles are dominant for people in a particular age group. Today, however, science has come a long way from those days of simply accepting how you age; these days you can do something about it.

Botox has been with us for a while now. Scientists have of course continued to tweak the formulas and coming up with better products every day. As doctors explain it, once people reach the age of 50, the natural facial fat and bone structure as we know it starts to change. The skin is thinner at that point making the wrinkles pop even more than they regularly would. To counter that, people go to their doctors to get an injection of Botox to remove said lines. The problem is, most people are stuck in-between the decision to get the injection or not. Here are some of the signs showing you might be up for that injection than you know;


If you want to improve your facial symmetry

Most people aren’t satisfied with how their faces look. Some will tell you that one eyebrow is sitting lower than the other or you merely don’t like the way your dace balances out. Doctors can use Botox Mississauga to relax the problem areas so that you can achieve a more balanced appearance. The procedure to make this happen isn’t as simple as getting an injection in the problem area. A well learned and certified dermatologist should be the only one doing such a procedure on you because of the intricacies that go into pulling off such a feat.  When done correctly, the procedure can grant you results that last for much longer than the simple injections.

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You don’t like smile lines

Laughing and smiling are a crucial part of life. Without laughing, life would become so serious and miserable; no one would enjoy it. As we smile, various muscles on our faces are utilized just as a different set of muscles are used when we frown. And, as we grow older, the effects of these smiles and frowns become more visible. Also known as crow’s feet, smile and frown lines respond very well to Botox. The muscles around the cheeks and eyes need to relax a bit if the marks are to disappear. A proper injection by a licensed professional has the power to take care of these marks for a certain period.


When you have jelly rolls

Dermatologists call rolled skin that forms under the eyes “jelly roll.” When people are younger, these rolls don’t usually develop as the skin has enough fat and is flexible enough to stay smooth. However, with time and various lifestyle choices, our skin gets thinner and tougher making the jelly roll more apparent and also making it more difficult to manage it. A Botox treatment can help relax these muscles giving you smoother better-looking skin.



Although not everyone ages as gracefully as they would love to, all is not lost. By speaking to your dermatologist, you can get clear answers as to whether the treatment is right for you or not.

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