5 Tips That Can Help You with Hammertoes

You won’t even notice hammertoes at first, as it can barely be seen in its early stages. However, it turns into a very odd-looking thing over time and also becomes very painful.

Hammertoe is a type of foot deformity that bends the middle joint of either one of your three middle toes, or all three of them. Making the tip of the toe face downward, and eventually getting stuck that way. While it will affect the appearance of your foot, you will be in a lot of pain.

The good thing is that hammertoes can be very easily treated. You can try to do a few simple things mentioned below, but your toes might require surgery.

Get Comfortable Shoes

The right footwear can be essential in your treatment. Shoes that have a pointed front end can be very harmful to your hammertoes, such as heels. You should think about getting shoes or sandals that support your feet more. The most suitable ones would have more space for your toes, low heel, and they should also be adjustable.

Your feet might swell during the day, which is why you should shop for one size larger. Otherwise, they might be very uncomfortable. Don’t buy shoes that are tight, expecting them to stretch over time. You need something that fits well right now.

Try Some Toe Exercises

If you occasionally work out, chances are that you barely ever think about targeting your toe muscles. However, your toes might benefit if they got some attention now with the hammertoe. There are many exercises that you can do. These are generally intended to stretch out your toe muscles.

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For instance, you could try to pick up some marbles with your toes or try to pick up a cloth.

Add Padding in Your Shoes

When you wear a pair of shoes, it might be uncomfortable for your toes. The reason may be that your toes are not getting enough support from the bottom, or they might be rubbing against your shoes. That is why you can try to add more padding in some areas of any pair of footwear. It can relieve pressure and make you feel better.

Reduce Inflammation

With a hammertoe, your toes are very likely to also be inflamed. The inflammation would then cause even more pain and swelling. You can look at a few anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, to reduce the inflammation and the pain. Most of these drugs are available without a prescription. Alternatively, you can try to put an ice pack to reduce the swelling.

Consult a Doctor

Although the above methods are great to help you lessen the pain of the hammertoes, they might not make it completely go away. If you don’t feel like your toes are getting better, then it might be time to head over to Northwest Surgery Center and consult a doctor. They can do a minimal procedure and fix your toe right up.

Dr Brant L McCartan DPM

Internationally known for his research and commitment to progress in the field of podiatry, Dr. McCartan is committed to helping podiatric medicine to advance further through continual academic research in order to alleviate problems of the foot and ankle with minimal discomfort and inconvenience to the patient.

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