Cheap Generic Sildenafil – Viagra’s Biggest Enemy

Erectile dysfunction has slowly, but gradually, turned out to be one of the biggest health problems that men are facing nowadays, with the number of erectile dysfunction cases growing every year. In fact, surveys conducted in the United States in 2018 show that more than 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Frankly, it can occur at any age, to any man, and the cause for it could be physical or emotional or even both.

With so many affected, it’s no surprise that a significant amount of time and money go into researching and developing treatment, such as surgery and even inconvenient penis pumps. However, the most efficient method to solve the problem comes in the form of a convenient pill. Gentlemen, we introduce to you Sildenafil. The drug has become so popular that you can often find Sildenafil for sale at most drug stores and online pharmacies.

How Sildenafil Works on the Human Body

Sildenafil works the same way as Viagra does. Let’s go back to basics. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the body is unable to send enough blood flow to the penis to achieve an erection. Sildenafil’s main chemical compound, Sildenafil Citrate, helps increase the blood flow to the penis in order to achieve an erection. Sildenafil also relaxes the muscles in the groin area, allowing blood to flow thoroughly and a more solid erection which lasts longer than one that is naturally achieved.

In comparison to surgeries, which come with a lot more cost, Sildenafil is a much cheaper and convenient solution. 

Are there any Side Effects to Worry About?

Among the side effects, the most commonly reported one is headaches. This is to be expected, because of the sudden change in blood pressure caused by the pill. You can avoid that problem by taking a light meal half an hour before you take the pill and by keeping yourself properly hydrated. If the problem persists, then discontinue Sildenafil and ask your doctor on how to proceed with the medication.

Dizziness and faintness have also been some of the more commonly reported symptoms, but not as much as headaches. However, if you are a healthy person and follow an active lifestyle, the risk of these side effects is reduced significantly. 

Apart from the above-mentioned side effects, few have also reported nausea, nasal congestion, indigestion and, on rare occasions, visual changes as well. If such side effects do occur, discontinue Sildenafil and consult your doctor immediately.

Other Considerations

If you’re going to make the decision to start taking Sildenafil, you need to consider living a healthy and structured routine. Avoid eating anything heavy when you’re taking Sildenafil because it could cause some indigestion. Sildenafil stays in the system for about 4 hours so you need to time your sexual activity accordingly. Also make sure you keep yourself hydrated after you take the pill as it may cause profuse sweating and you’ll need to make up for all the lost water.

Most importantly, follow the dosage instructions to the last letter. Under no circumstances should you exceed the dosage. Also, if you’re already on any medication, talk to your doctor before taking Sildenafil as it could adversely react and cause complications.


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