7 Reasons Why You’re Waking Up Tired

waking up with a yawn

A good night’s sleep is something that every individual wants. Sleep has a direct influence on an individual’s overall health and concentration level. There are lots of individuals who face sleep related issues and you may be one of them. There can be several reasons because of which you can feel extremely tired after waking up and here you will get an idea about them. Once you will come to know about the reasons then you can analyze the exact cause behind your disturbed sleep pattern and accordingly steps can be taken to improve the situation. So, stay tuned as in the coming paragraphs you will get a glimpse of some really useful information.

Here are the prominent reasons why you are waking up tired:

1. Wrong sleeping habits

If you are having improper sleeping habits then you will definitely wake up tired. Most of the people have the habit of working till late night. In such a case it can get very difficult to fall asleep. So, if you have the habit of working till late night then in this case shift your schedule to evening. Try to sleep on time. Also, many people have this habit of sleeping on stomach, but it can cause many troubles. Once you are aware of such factors that are disturbing your sleep, you will get a much clear idea. Once the right sleep pattern will be established, the problem will be solved.

2. Too much stress

One of the main reasons why you’re waking up tired is that there is too much stress in your life. Modern life is getting complicated day by day. Work pressure, relationship troubles, financial distress or anything else can create a lot of anxiety and dullness in life. Due to this reason your sleep pattern may get disturbed to a great extent. If you feel there is immense pressure or burden in your life then you can try the techniques like meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercises etc. These methods will help in relaxing your mind. In case of psychological problems you can always consult a counselor or clinical psychologist for help. A professional can help you to overcome anxieties, phobias and stress.

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3. Excess fatigue

There are different kinds of jobs that may cause extreme exertion. For example you may be involved in marketing and the job may require meeting different clients on a daily basis. Such a job will require you to travel to different locations. Too much exertion can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. In this condition you will feel very sleepy, exhausted and tired all round the day. In such a scenario you should plan your tasks in such a manner that over exertion should be avoided.

4. Medical reasons

There can be medical reasons as well and because of them you might be waking up tired. There can be conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, acid reflux disorder, teeth grinding issues, clenching the jaws too much, restless legs, anemia, thyroid issues, diabetes etc. If you feel that there is any medical issue disrupting your sleep pattern then you should not hesitate to consult a doctor. There are lots of good medications as well as therapies in the present times. A doctor will help in diagnosing the exact cause and by getting the right treatment; the sleep related problem will be solved in a holistic manner.

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5. Wrong mattress

Have you ever wondered that a wrong mattress can be the culprit? Yes, this is a point worth considering. If you are using a wrong mattress then you will wake up feeling tired. There can be many reasons like the mattress may be too soft or too hard, the size may be inappropriate, it may be of poor quality standards etc. Thus, if you are facing any sleep issues then you can think about changing your mattress. It may surprisingly help in a great way. You can check the online platform to find some of the best mattresses. Ratings and reviews posted by other customers will really provide the guidance.

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6. Distractions

There can be lots of distractions that might be causing the poor sleep pattern. Some of the examples are like snoring partner, too much brightness in the room, outside noises, sounds from the other room, television noise, music system’s noise, addiction to smartphones and laptops etc. Thus, it is really important to sleep on time and to avoid all such distractions before sleeping. Find the most comfortable and non disturbing spot in your home and it is guaranteed that you will be able to sleep peacefully.

7. Wrong food and drinking habits

If you are eating really heavy food or are someone who drinks on a regular basis then the sleep might be interrupted and you will wake up feeling tired. Foods rich in fat, sugar content, carbohydrates etc. can cause sleepiness during the daytime. The reason is that these foods may lead to indigestion, heartburn and other problems. Similarly too much caffeine, aerated drinks and alcohol can also be the culprits. Switch to healthy eating and drinking habits, and you will definitely notice a positive change. Here are some of the food items that can reduce your morning fatigueness.

These are the 7 main reasons why you’re waking up tired. By understanding the reasons and working on the right aspects, you will surely land in a better situation.

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