Common Concerns about Laser Hair Removal


The laser hair removal procedure is a common medical treatment that utilizes concentrated laser beams to target and remove unwanted hair. During the laser hair removal procedure, a beam of light is emitted, delivered and absorbed by pigmentation in the hair. This light energy is then converted into heat energy, and it damages and destroys the tube-shaped sacs at the root of the hair, known as hair follicles. This damage delays future hair growth for some time.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure to remove unwanted hair.

Multiple hair removal procedures are required for initial removal, but afterwards, maintenance procedures will be needed. This hair removal process is most suitable for people with dark hair or light skin. Many people who are interested in the procedure hesitate due to safety and cost concerns. If you decide to proceed with the treatment, contact Hamilton laser hair removal for a safe, personalized and comprehensive hair removal treatment.

Does It Work?

Laser hair removal treatment works, as the laser significantly reduces hair growth. However, it’s not a solution for permanent hair removal. Most people will only be hair-free for a couple of months after the first treatment. Eventually, the hair does grow back, but it will be finer, lighter and less noticeable than before.

To achieve a longer-lasting solution, and more satisfactory look, most people will require multiple sessions to get rid of unwanted hair. With each subsequent session, hair grows a little thinner and lighter until eventually with enough treatments, it may stop growing or may stay that way. Because the laser beam targets the pigment that gives the hair its color, the treatment typically works best for people with dark hair. People with gray, blond or reddish hair may not notice much change.

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Are There Side Effects?

Side effects can appear after the treatment. In most cases, they are minor and negligible, disappearing after a couple of days. If you experience lasting side effects, make an immediate appointment with your dermatologist. Common side effects include redness and irritation, crusting, changing skin color, eye injury, and skin infections.

The body reacts to the destruction of the hair follicles, resulting in irritation and redness. The skin may also swell slightly and feel tender, although these symptoms are short-lived. It can be treated by applying a cold pack of ice on the treated area. Crusting can also happen, which may lead to scabbing or scarring. This can be avoided by caring for the treated area using a moisturizer. The treated area may get slightly darker to lighter after the procedure but these changes often fade away with time. Because the process involves the use of powerful lasers, there’s a potential risk of eye injury. Protective eye equipment should be worn to prevent such complications.

Are There Rare Side Effects?

Rare Side effects include burns and blisters, which occur if the procedure is not done correctly. The treatment uses high-heat lasers which may damage the skin if it’s done by an unqualified person. To combat this, the practitioners usually apply a cooling device to the treated area before using the laser. If the practitioner makes an error, scarring can also occur. This is however not an issue with qualified dermatologists. Scars also form if proper care is not administered to the skin post-treatment. If it has been burned, keep it moisturized and protected from light, ensuring to check it regularly for infections.

Mahmood Siddique, DO, FACP, FCCP, FAASM

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