Signs and Symptoms of Mild Hearing Loss


Approximately 15% of adults in America suffer from mild hearing loss. That’s over 37 million people!

Could you be one of those people? Do you know the signs to look out for?

If you think you might be experiencing mild hearing loss then read on as we go over a few important things to look out for.

The Main Signs of Mild Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not always immediately noticeable, but there are a few warning signs. We’ve compiled a list of the major signs of mild hearing loss.

If you think you might be suffering from hearing loss then be on the lookout for helpful info on how you can improve your hearing, and your quality of life.

Can You Repeat That?

Do you find yourself frequently asking people to repeat words or even entire sentences? This could be an early warning sign of mild hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a degenerative condition and will get worse over time. Take note every time you need to ask someone to repeat themselves. If this occurs frequently consider visiting a specialist.

Didn’t You See My Text?

Whether your phone is in your pocket or on the table next to you, do you find yourself missing calls because you didn’t hear your phone ring?

High-frequency hearing loss is diagnosed in those who cannot hear frequencies between 2,000 Hz and 8,000 Hz. Some ring tones or text alerts fall into this range. If you find yourself missing texts or calls consider changing your tone to something you can hear more easily.

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Can You Turn That up a Bit?

Do you prefer the radio or television volume higher than others? If you find yourself moving closer to the television or being asked to turn the volume down by family members who find it annoying then these are all early signs of hearing loss.

Does Anyone Else Hear That Ringing?

Ringing in the ears, often called tinnitus, is a sign that you may be suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds, like loud music or construction noise, can cause premature hearing loss.

If you hear an almost constant ringing sound then check with your doctor or specialist as you may be suffering from tinnitus. In the event that the ringing is persistent, serious or incredibly painful you may want to take a moment to decide between the doctor or the hospital.

Say That Again in My Good Ear

The loss of hearing may not occur equally between both ears. Favoring one ear over the other is a sure sign of mild hearing loss.

A clear indicator is if you or someone you know leans in with one ear or the other during conversations. They may also consistently cup the same ear in order to hear conversations better.

I Wish They Wouldn’t Mumble

If you or someone you know has difficulty understanding someone who others can hear perfectly fine then this is a good indication of mild hearing loss. Perhaps you or they accuse a person of mumbling or talking too quietly when their speech is perfectly fine.

This phenomenon is particularly noticeable when listening to women or children, whose natural speech frequency range of 165 to 255 Hertz.

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Final Thoughts

Mild hearing loss can be a difficult and troubling thing to accept. Some people may even deny it is happening rather than face the reality of the situation. Treat these people with kindness and respect and gently encourage them to get the help and support they need.

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  1. I was very appreciative of the part of your article that talked about how constant ringing in the ears is a big sign of hearing loss. Just the other day, my father was constantly complaining about a high-pitched noise that he said wouldn’t stop, but none of us in the room even heard anything remotely high-pitched. This makes me think my father is rapidly experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, so I’ll consult with any hearing aid clinic and see what needs to be done.

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