How does the plant based diet measure up?

What’s wrong with following a plant-based diet? Isn’t it better for the environment as well as our health? You might be surprised to find out that the correct answer to that question is, “not necessarily.”  Potato Read More

The Middle-aged Man Makeover

If the man in your life has reached the big 4-0, he may be his own worst enemy when it comes to health. It may be time for a Man Makeover. Turning 40 typically means Read More

Making Plant-Based Diets Simpler and Safer

Theralogix Nutritional Science, a leading expert and considered the gold standard for evidence-based nutritional supplements, is pleased to announce the release of PhytoLife™ Balance, their high-quality, plant-based solution to address the possible nutritional gaps for Read More

7 foods that can transform your health

Add these 7 foods to help calm inflammation in your body. Inflammation has become quite the buzzword lately, touted as the cause of everything from acne to Alzheimer’s and from digestive issues to obesity, and Read More

Pain Management in Extreme Weather

The summer, often synonymous with heat waves and humidity, can take a toll on anyone. However, for pain sufferers, especially those people dealing with arthritis and other conditions, heat can make the it worse. One Read More

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