AI In Healthcare – How Are Startups Accelerating it?


Artificial intelligence is the way ahead for civilization. It is helping every segment of human enterprise in taking long strides forward. And no industry is benefitting more from AI than health care. Artificial intelligence has the potential to lead the medical field into a more precise, error-free and competent future. AI stands for new horizons and innovation. And start-ups are the visionaries that are harnessing the promise that is inherent in AI and making it a reality for healthcare. Together, AI, start-ups and healthcare can usher us into an age that is free from human frailty and illnesses.

Here is how start-ups giving teeth to the medical industry?

AI in the medical field is focused on perfecting technologies that can make a doctor’s work easier, preventing illnesses, detecting them early and making treatment more effective. To this end, start-ups are working on-

1.     Regenerative medicine

Start-ups are enthusiastically dabbling in and making profound waves in molecular biology and tissue engineering. The aim is to replace or regenerate human tissues, organs, or even cells that have been damaged so that the original functionality can be fully restored. They also research into newer and safer modes of treatment to guarantee maximum success rates.

2.     Detecting illnesses early

Start-ups are stridently researching technologies called early detection tools. AI screening can help sniff out signs of illnesses such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, breast cancer, or diabetes much before they actually take root. This naturally increases survival rates. Progress has already been made with algorithms that sense diabetic retinopathy simply from a person’s retina scan.

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3.     Detecting illnesses from medical images

This leaves out any room for human error. Technology that relies heavily on AI algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms is being developed for diagnosing a wide array of respiratory illnesses and retinal abnormalities.

4.     Patient Data

This is one of the most futuristic projects that start-ups are working on. It helps doctors keep tabs on their patients’ daily activities that might affect their health and the success of the treatment. It can also display reports and results to both the doctors and the patients online within seconds. Some start-ups arrange for diagnostic tests for people living in remote areas and deliver results and medicines to them  using AI.

  1. Online consultation

Some start-ups have accommodated the fact that in our busy schedule we can’t make time for visiting doctors. That is why they have come up with online consultation of doctors through AI programmes. Thanks to extensive efforts on the part of many start-ups, online consultation is becoming more mainstream.

6.     App-based meal plans

Start-ups know how charting a healthy meal plan can be quite a hassle. That is why some of them have devised an app that factor in your particular health and physical characteristics and utilize AI to curate the perfect diet chart tailored to meet your health goals.

7.     Gauging the danger of cancer recurrence

Even when cancer is rooted out, the risk of it returning remains a possibility. AI with the help of Machine learning and a tumour’s molecular fingerprint can figure out the risk of that cancer making a comeback. Start-ups are deploying this AI-based technology mostly for cases of breast cancer.

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The sky is the limit when it comes to how much start-ups can revolutionize the healthcare sector through Artificial Intelligence.

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