Vegas IV: How IV Drip Hangover Cures Work

Hangover cure ranges from drinking soup, consuming greasy food, and even to sweating it out at the gym. But there’s a new trendy hangover cure nowadays that’s designed to fight against the result of having one too many cocktailsVegas IV hangover drip cure. Popular celebrities such as Rihanna, Cara Delevigne, and Chrissy Teigen have all used a variation of the “hangover drip,” and I’m sure you’re all pretty curious about how it works.

Hangover IV drips works very simple: you go to a party, drink more than you have to, get wasted, and call Vegas IV hangover cure to help you look and feel bright-eyed again the next day.

An IV technician or nurse would come to your home or apartment, prepare all the ingredients for the IV drip, and get ready to inject you with vitamins, electrolytes and saline. Simply put, it’s like an Uber, but for IV drips.

Most of the technicians who administer these IV drips also work full-time as nurses in some hospitals, and only do the Vegas IV drip gig on their days off. These technicians often get the chance to work with celebrities.

The Vegas IV Drip

A bag of saline usually costs around $4, but most IV drip centers charge a price starting at $199 for basic detox packages, which includes 1000ML of electrolytes and saline. This means that while some people try to battle out their hangovers with Gatorade or chugging large amounts of water, some people stick needles into their arms for the same effect instead. I know you might be thinking that IV drips seem like a pricier solution that works the same way as a regular Gatorade cure does (and is tons cheaper too!), but there’s more to Vegas IV drip than just curing your hangover.

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Besides the base solution of saline and electrolytes, some technicians also add beauty infusions that include vitamins and minerals, like niacin and biotin, to make one’s skin, hair, and nails healthy and beautiful.

In some cases, you can also opt for a drip with a multivitamin, non-steriodal anti inflammatory drug, plus more vitamin B12 cocktail to give you an extra boost of energy for the day. The entire process usually takes around 45-30 minutes depending on your weight and height. For example, for those with a height of 5 feet below, it would only be appropriate to administer 1 liter of fluid—anything over that would be considered dangerous.

Vegas IV: Are IV Drips Safe?

The IV drip hangover cure craze has grown in popularity after reports of celebrities like Rihanna, Simon Cowell, and Cindy Crawford using it. But is this safe?

People who get Vegas IV hangover drip cures are offered a number of different intravenous fluids that contain a mix of saline, vitamins and medicines especially formulated to target a client’s needs. For example, hangover drip bags usually contain medications that fight against nausea. This might seem like a great and convenient way to solve your hangover problems, but there is still doubt on how safe this practice is.

Some people argue that rather than injecting yourself with vitamins to fight hangover, why not take oral supplements instead? Why waste time and money on expensive IV treatments (which normally run between $80-$250) if you can simply pop some OTC pills and recover from your hangover that way?

According to an article dated June 2018 on, patients that consume vitamins orally only absorb around 50% of the vitamin’s contents. Meanwhile, patients who receive treatment via IV can absorb up to 90% of nutrients. But another study published in January this year by the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that oral antibiotic treatment for patients with bone and joint infections in the UK were not actually inferior to IV treatments for the same infections. Additionally, the study concluded, “intravenous therapy is associated with substantial risks, inconvenience, and higher costs than oral therapy.” However, it is worth noting that this study pertains to antibiotic treatments rather than vitamin therapy. Furthermore, different types of drugs were utilized in the study’s IV and oral treatments. Therefore, it is safe to say that administering a shot of vitamin directly into the bloodstream is more effective than an oral solution.

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While Vegas IV drips are generally safe, there are also some potential complications that can arise. A complication such as IV infiltration is possible when fluids from the IV drip accidentally trickle into the surrounding tissues. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from your doctor when you want to avail an IV treatment if it’s not medically required or recommended.

There’s also the matter of improperly inserted IVs that can cause air-embolism, or cause fluids to leak into surrounding tissues. These could expose a person to possible infections.

Vegas IV: Does it Cure Hangover?

IV lounges to treat hangover are growing in popularity now, but not everyone is on board with it. Some even think that the theory behind treating hangovers with IV treatment is quite flawed.

Although alcohol impairs the release of hormones that tells the kidney to hold water, but only a few people with hangover end up being extremely dehydrated.

People feel lousy after drinking because of the toxins that accumulate from the breakdown of alcohol in their body. The alcohol and those toxins damage the cells, especially in the brain, and those cells need to recover as soon as the toxins are processed out of the body.

According to experts, receiving IV fluids will not accelerate the speed by which these damaging toxins are flushed out of your system. People who are extremely hung over to the point that they suffer from diarrhea and vomiting may benefit from the administration of IV fluids though.

Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Is IV therapy really worth spending more than $200 for? The answer rests entirely up to you. If you have the money to splurge on an anti-hangover cure that also includes other benefits for your health and beauty, then a Vegas IV drip would definitely be worth it.

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