5 Tips for Controlling Funeral Costs

Not everyone can say that they’re involved in the management or ownership of a crematorium. With this occupation and field of expertise being relatively niche and rare, it can be difficult to find advice that is specifically geared towards helping crematoriums reduce expenditure. As a result, many crematorium owners and operators can have trouble controlling costs because they wind up learning as they go along. If you’d rather take a well-informed approach instead of opting for trial and error, here are 5 tips you can use to reliably improve cost-effectiveness at a crematorium:

1. Choose the Right Utility Provider

Obviously, crematoriums can use quite a bit of fuel and energy to facilitate the cremation process many times during the course of a month. Thus, it makes sense to conduct a thorough comparison of utility providers in your area so that you can find the cheapest rates possible. There are a number of platforms that simplify this process. For example, UK-based businesses can use Utility Bidder to compare crematorium energy prices. Making the right selection initially will save you the hassle of having to switch providers later on.

2. Study Best Practices and Industry Standards

Most crematorium equipment is designed to achieve optimal efficiency in terms of the amount of fuel or electricity that is needed to facilitate a cremation. However, misusing this equipment can lead to losses in efficiency that will eventually add up to financial losses over the course of a year. Thus, another way to save money at a crematorium is to ensure that the staff members are properly trained to utilise best practices during the operation of crematorium equipment.

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3. Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

Outdated crematorium equipment can be much less efficient than newer models, so liquidating old cremators and other pieces of equipment to help fund an upgrade is one step you can take towards cutting costs. While this method would require an initial investment in the form of an outright purchase or a down payment towards an equipment lease, eventually you’ll recoup the cost in the form of accumulated monthly savings. Beyond replacing the cremation equipment, you could also opt for a smart mower for maintaining the grounds.

4. Refine Your Processes

Refining each of the individual tasks that are required to keep the crematorium operating on a daily basis will help you get more out of your hours at work and reduce the overall burden on staff. With a solid set of rules and guidelines in place, you’ll have an effective system for training and orienting new staff members if needed. Generally, it’s best to use checklists to ensure you’re covering all the bases.

5. Use Credit and Financing to Your Advantage

Applying for an extensive line of business credit or a loan could help to cover some of your crematorium’s essential expenses. If you’re only relying on monthly revenue and existing account balances, you could run into cash flow problems that make it difficult to continue paying for your overheads.

Are you involved in the management of a crematorium? Let us know any advice you have to give.

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