Why You Should Add Protein Powder to Your Supplements

One of the most popular nutritional supplements has to be protein powder. This invaluable nutrient will not only help you build and tone muscle and repair tissue in your body, but it is also responsible for making enzymes and hormones. Moreover, natural protein powder complements your efforts to lose weight. First off, there are various types of protein powder you can use. Let us look at some of these below:

  • Whey protein

Whey is a component of milk protein, and it makes up 20% of milk composition. It is among the most nutritious proteins as it contains all the various types of amino acids that your body will ever need. Whey protein is harvested during the making of cheese and goes through several processing lines to become the final consumable product. The protein also has the benefit of being quickly absorbed into the body.

  • Casein

Casein which is the second product of milk makes up about 80% of the composition of milk. It is rich in glutamine, which speeds up the recovery of muscles after exercise. Unlike whey protein, casein takes much longer to be digested.

  • Soy

Soy is a non-dairy product that stems from the soya bean legume. It is, therefore, the perfect protein supplement for those who are intolerant to or do not prefer to take dairy products. Soy also contains all the essential amino acids. It is also a source of other nutrients such as fiber, vitamin B and K, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

  • Pea

Most plant-based protein powders have pea protein. Pea protein has many nutrients apart from proteins; including fiber, fat, iron, sodium, and carbs. It is also a good source of arginine, a high-quality amino acid.

  • Hemp
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Hemp protein powder is made by grinding the seeds of the hemp plant. It contains all the nine essential amino acids as well as fats, fiber, and minerals. 

The benefits of protein powders

The building of muscles, skin, and bone is not possible without consuming the correct amounts of proteins. Proteins also aid in the production of useful chemicals in the body including hormones and enzymes. Below are the details of how you will benefit from protein powder:

  • Weight loss and weight management  

Protein-rich foods keep you fuller longer which helps if you to switch to eating smaller food portions and avoid unhealthy snacking. Using whey supplement has been proven to help reduce total fat mass in obese people. You can also benefit from reduced cholesterol, blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases. 

  • Growth of muscles

Protein foods are popular among gym enthusiasts and athletes because they help them regain their strength after training. Protein supplements improve muscle size and strength in healthy adults who are regularly involved in resistance training. The effectiveness of protein supplements, however, reduces with age as older people have higher protein requirements compared to younger ones. Nevertheless, taking too much protein, more than 0.73g per pound of your body weight is unbeneficial.

  • Supplement your nutrition

Once in a while, you may find it challenging to meet the recommended daily intake of proteins, which is 46g for women who are 19 years old and older; and 56g for men. Protein powder is an easy way to fill your nutrient gap. People who need protein in greater portions than what nutritionists recommend because of the nature of their work or health condition will find it easier to use a supplement. 

  • Helps you recover after exercise
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Proteins repair damaged tissues and help you recover from soreness after working out. They reduce the extent of damage to the muscles, increase muscle performance, and promote the synthesis of proteins in the muscles.

How to consume protein powder

Calculate your nutritional needs before you start taking supplements. You should not consume too much of it as it may lead to kidney and liver damage and cause an imbalance between your bone and calcium. When you take too much protein, you also limit the intake of other beneficial foods such as fibers, vitamins, and carbs. 

You can take it by mixing with water, milk, and vegetable smoothies as per the directions are given. When you want to buy protein supplements, go for a reputable supplier to avoid buying toxic products.

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