4 Family Benefits of Adult Day Care for Your Senior Parents

Should you consider senior day care?

With nearly 55 million seniors living in the U.S. from Boston to Seattle, it’s not surprising that many families are struggling to find the right care for their senior parents. Most seniors prefer to live at home as long as they can to maintain their independence however, living at home isn’t always the safest option for seniors that need extra care.

Much of the daily care for seniors falls to family members. Although this is a traditional arrangement, adult children and other family members don’t always have the time or expertise to give seniors the care that they really need.

Adult day care services were created to fill the gap for seniors that are in need of assisted care. Adult care is a great option for seniors that would benefit from more socialization, professional caregivers and therapeutic activities while maintaining their independence. Let’s look at a few benefits of quality respite care options in Seattle or Boston for families and seniors.

Extra Support

Adult children that have taken on the extra responsibility of caring for their senior parents are often overwhelmed with little experience. With adult day care, family caregivers are given a respite from constant care with their senior family member in a safe environment getting the best care. Services including dementia care, nursing attention, and medication administration can be a great way to give caregivers a break.


Seniors that prefer to remain living in their family homes are often in a comforting environment but lacking in companionship. Seniors that live alone commonly suffer from issues of isolation including anxiety and depression. Family caregivers often feel the pressure of being the only contact provoking them to spend more time as companions. Adult day care is an excellent way for seniors to get out and make new connections. Human contact is an essential part of preserving healthy cognitive awareness and can elevate mood. Many seniors look forward to the days when they get to meet their friends and staff at an adult day care.

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Inexperienced family caregivers do their best to tend to the needs of seniors but, without the right training they may not be able to provide everything they need. Seniors that attend adult day care have access to specialized therapists that can help them with cognitive or mobility issues. Light exercise, socially active games and memory promoting activities are common in most adult day care facilities.

Peace of Mind

Adult children are doing their best to care for their elderly parents inside their own limits. Most caregivers need to give their time around their work and home schedules leaving little time to give the best care. Seniors that participate in adult day care are in a secure and enjoyable environment during the times when adult children caregivers just aren’t available. Family members don’t have to worry about safety concerns with a senior living on their own with limited care.

Adult day care is a wonderful service for seniors that need a bit more care but prefer to continue to live independently. Seniors will enjoy new social connections, care from professional therapists, and get the extra support that they need when they participate in an adult day care.

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