Why should you eat cannabis seeds?

benefits when you eat cannabis seeds

Laws are very strict as far as cultivation and availability of cannabis seeds are concerned. On the contrary, early American Colonists had decreed that settlers are bound to grow hemp in their fields. What is interesting to know is that getting high and the cash weren’t the only motivating factors. When you eat  cannabis seeds there are a vast number of medical benefits as proven by modern researches. Incorporating them into your diet could be a favor to your body.

Why should you eat cannabis seeds?

Cannabinoid or the substance that is responsible for giving the high is found in the leaves and flowers of the plant, not the seeds. Hence, consuming cannabis seeds would not give you the intoxicating effect. Therefore, you should have them for their nutritional benefits.

Cannabis seeds are rich in protein and fiber and hence, much easier to digest. Plant-based proteins are easier to breakdown by the body than animal-based proteins. Before, farmers used to feed cannabis seeds to their livestock before the laws were made. Cannabis seeds are an excellent source for plant-based protein.

Based on the diet and the body type, cannabis seeds can help to gain or reduce weight. The seeds are rich in vitamins, particularly Vitamin E and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. Proteins keep your stomach full for longer and hence, you do not feel hungry often as opposed to a carbs-based diet.

Omega 3 fatty acid is perfect for the brain and the heart, and cannabis seeds just happen to be full of it. Some even go the extent of claiming that they have the largest content of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in the entire plant kingdom, even more than walnuts and flaxseeds.

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Arginine, present in cannabis seeds helps to dilate your blood vessels thus reducing risks of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Gamma-linoleic acid being present helps to prevent inflammation of the heart.

Cannabis seeds are also being researched as a way of treating Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other psychological illness.

How should you eat cannabis seeds?

It is not that difficult to incorporate them into your diet. Pop a few seeds during your morning breakfast or grind them and sprinkle over your salad. You could have them raw or cooked, shelled or unshelled all depending on your preference. Include it in your oatmeal or make a smoothie out of it. Many people brew what we call “ganja tea” which is a very effective and delicious way of having cannabis seeds.

Final thoughts

Cannabis seeds are vastly available online. Retailers like Sensi seeds have a wide catalogue of seeds that you could use. Alternatively, you could buy from a local retailer. Research the laws prevalent in your area before buying the seeds. Whatever it is, you could incorporate them into your diet and never regret doing it.

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