Use of BHRT as an Integrative Approach to Wellness

Integrative Techniques

The Fresno bioidentical hormones and IV therapy are used as integrative techniques to health care. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a treatment procedure that is used to enhance your immune system, assist in chronic disease prevention, and to combat the aging symptoms. In women, the BHRT treatment can be used to address several symptoms such as anxiety, migraines, depression, moodiness, memory loss, loss of muscles, low energy levels, sleeping troubles, low libido, hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, and osteoporosis. In men, some of the symptoms exhibited which can be treated using this procedure include weight gain, low libido, low energy levels, muscle loss, brain fog, night sweats or hot flashes, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, sleeping trouble, and depression.

Importance of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in women

The bio-identical hormone therapy is mostly recommended with women who have begun experiencing symptoms of menopause or those of perimenopause. This treatment is also extremely useful in the treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), or other hormonal disorders or imbalances brought about by other factors other than aging.

Importance of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in men

Hormonal imbalances or disorders are also experienced by men, especially those that are in their early 20s. As men advance in age, the testosterone levels start decreasing from the previously healthy levels, which requires to be regulated by the use of BHRT treatment. The decline in testosterone production due to advancement in age is referred to as andropause or menopause in men.

What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a method of treatment recommended by physicians when they realize that your body is not in a position to produce enough levels of certain hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone. In many cases, physicians use synthetic hormones to treat hormonal disorders or imbalances, which is a less effective treatment method in addition to being dangerous for your health.

The bio-identical hormone replacement therapy makes use of hormones that have been naturally obtained from plant sources like yams. The molecular properties of the hormones in the plant should be similar in structure to the hormones in your body. The extracted hormones are administered to your body through the use of pills, injections, subdermal pellets, or creams. Once the hormones are in your body system, they will help in keeping balance levels of hormones hence reducing and eventually eliminating the symptoms.

IV vitamin therapy

This type of treatment procedure is used by physicians to directly introduce minerals and vitamins in the bloodstream to provide a high-quality absorption rate as compared to oral supplements. The IV vitamins have been personalized to make certain they align with the specific health issues that need to be addressed in each and every patient. There are various IV therapies that can be used, such as IV revitalize, IV total rejuvenation, IV detox, IV flu & cold, IV quick recovery, IV immunity, IV anti-aging, IV peak performance, and IV total rejuvenation. Each type of IV therapy performs a specific task, which varies from the one performed by the next IV. The difference is in the vitamin or mineral infusion the IV contains, but all of them are administered in a similar manner. This treatment procedure is non-invasive and efficiently helps in combating issues such as dehydration, weight gain, stress, or illnesses.

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