Keeping Your Child Healthy and Happy: What Should You Do?


It goes without saying that, as a parent, your first concern is the safety, good health, and happiness of your children. To create the best environment for your child to be safe, happy, and healthy, you first need to know how to accomplish those tasks. Keeping that in mind, you can find a few of the top ways to accomplish your goal below.

Six tips to keep your child on a healthy plan.

Keep Their Surroundings Neat, Clean, and Uncluttered

One of the best ways to keep your child safe and healthy is by keeping their surroundings clean, neat, and uncluttered. A dirty, cluttered house breeds not only germs, sickness, and bacteria, but pests as well. Everything from spiders to roaches, and mice to rats, love to make their way into a home and wreak havoc, leaving bacteria and diseases behind. Keep your home nice, neat, and clean, and also keep it pest free by calling in the services of a reputable pest control company, such as Moxie Services.

Encourage Proper Dental Hygiene 

Brushing their teeth the proper way is important to not only your child’s dental health, but their overall health as well. Nine times out of ten, a child is not going to brush and floss without being told and when they do, they will just hurry to get it done. It is up to you as a parent to ensure they learn proper dental hygiene and teeth brushing methods. This is a lesson that will become a habit to them over time and follow them into their adult life also.

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Encourage a Healthy Diet 

One of the toughest things as a parent is to say no to a type of food your child wants to eat. But with the obesity issues in America over the last few years and the constant inactivity among America’s youth, it’s more important than ever to encourage your child to eat a healthy diet. One thing you shouldn’t do is ban a certain food from your home or not let your child eat it at all, because they will eventually get it outside of the home and, when they grow up, they might overindulge in those foods, such as chocolate, candy, and the such. It’s best to just limit the amount of that type of food they are allowed to eat instead.

Keep All Scheduled Well Care Appointments

Keeping your child happy and healthy means taking them to the doctor–not only when they are sick, but when they are scheduled for well-care checkups, too. These checkups are the best way for your pediatrician to catch something your child may have before it becomes serious.

Avoid Illness and Injury

Making sure that you are careful with what you let your child do is a no-brainer for most parents. However, many don’t realize the dangers of smoking around their child. If you smoke, do so away from your child as the second-hand smoke can cause them to become ill or even worse in many cases.23

Have a Plan for Sick Days

It’s a little easier to deal with a sick child if you’re home with them at the time. However, many moms go back to work once their little ones start school. Every parent knows that school is a breeding ground for germs, colds, and other illnesses. It’s important that you have a detailed plan laid out for sick days, because you don’t want to send your child to school sick, and risk getting others sick as well.

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These are the best ways to keep your child healthy, safe and happy as a parent. Remember a clean home, planning for sick days, and a lot of love is the key.

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