5 Natural Remedies You Can Use For Your Sick Dog Today

dog eating
dog eating

There’s nothing worse than having a sick dog at home. Not only do you hate to see your 4-legged best friend struggling, you often may not be able to tell what’s the issue.

That is unless you’re Dr. Dolittle.

Even if you could talk to your dog, you may not be able to figure out the issue. Why are they limping? How can dog diarrhea be cured? Why are they not feeling themselves?

Then once you figure out the issue, you may struggle to find a solution. Going to the vet can be expensive and difficult, which is why there are plenty of fantastic natural remedies that you could use to cure your puppy today.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorites.

Use Green Tea for Nicks and Cuts

Dogs often aren’t exactly safety conscious or aware and often get little scrapes and cuts here and there. Instead of busting out the hydrogen peroxide or some other chemical, grab some green tea instead.

Best to treat minor wounds (if there’s a big cut, head to the vet immediately), mix equal portions of green tea and water. Dip a gauze pad into the mixture and lightly dab the affected area on your dog.

Green tea is full of antiseptic properties that are going to help disinfect everything right away.

Enzymes and Yogurt For Gas

Dog owners have probably seen their dogs eat anything, from a dead cricket on the driveway to a hamburger wrapper stuck to the side of a trash can.

It’s safe to say, dogs are gross.

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Sometimes doggy gas can come from an allergy, but either way, there are bacteria in their system. This bacteria needs to be cleaned out and one of the best ways to do that is through digestive enzymes and yogurt.

Yogurt, especially the low-fat kind, is filled with probiotics that can help clean out your dog’s stomach as well as naturally boosting their immune system.

Nux Vomica for Other Digestive Issues

While we’re talking about your dog’s eating habits, let’s also discuss what to do with an upset stomach.

An upset stomach can often lead to worse issues, and that’s where nux vomica comes in. Lauded for years as a homeopathic remedy for dogs, these little tablets can help with anything from basic stomach illness to motion sickness.

It’s a great way to prevent dog diarrhea and keeping you from cleaning up something big and nasty later on.

Peppermint Oil for Bad Breath

No one is pushing out of the door to make a dog breath cologne, but if your dog has bad breath that could be a sign that something needs to be done.

Fortunately, something is quite simple and easy.

Add a few drops of peppermint or even spearmint oil in your dog’s water bowl to help freshen up their breath. You make sure that you’re brushing their teeth regularly, but the spearmint oil is also going to help.

Milk Protein for Stress

Your dog loves you, sometimes a bit too much, and when you’re gone, they start to freak out. That could turn into them, tearing up a few throw pillows or something worse.

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To help combat that stress and anxiety, try putting a capsule of milk protein in their food bowl to help calm them down. It’s a great holistic option to make sure they stay calm in stressful situations.

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