Is it Worth Moving to Canada for Health Insurance?

If you’re an American who’s concerned about the rapidly increasing cost of medical care, you’re not alone. But, unfortunately, these expenses have held some people back from seeking necessary help. It can be scary to think about how much an essential procedure like childbirth or repairing a broken arm can cost.


The inexpensive healthcare of Canada has been a beacon for some people, but is it all that people make it sound like?  These are the top things to consider.

How Much Can You Save From Health Insurance?

The average American spends $7,470 a year on health insurance.  Canadians still have to pay premiums, and those can cost an average of $720 a year.  This is a leap of nearly seven thousand dollars more a year that Americans have to pay.  This huge jump in payment means that over the average lifespan of 80 years, an American will pay $400,000 more just in the sixty years of adulthood.


This isn’t even counting the cost of any procedures their insurance refuses to cover or those who don’t have insurance at all and have to pay out of pocket for everything.

Aren’t Taxes Higher?

The myth many hear about socialized medicine is that it costs the people more in the long term, that’s untrue. 


The average American pays far more in taxes than the average Canadian, pulling a large portion of their income without offering them the same perks.  This can be disheartening to some who assumed that lower taxes were their exchange for not having socialized medicine. 

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What Does the Cost of Living Look Like?

Canada is cheaper to live in than America on many fronts. For example, even when comparing cities, Toronto is 25% less expensive than NYC.


This means you can find homes for sale in Toronto that are sizable, in an area you want to live in, and that have all of the perks you want, without having to pay the huge price tag that comes with property in America.  

Are People Healthier?

Many signs point to Canadians having better health!  Not only do they live on average around three years longer, but in this longer lifespan, this lifespan is expected to be healthier for longer.


Many sources say this is because of socialized healthcare, which allows citizens to go in as early as possible for any symptoms without having to think first if they can afford it or not.  This will enable diseases to be caught and treated sooner and for fewer people to succumb to disease out of gear of the medical bill.  

Is It Easy to Move There?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many to move to Canada unless they have relatives there, a job lined up, or are getting married to a Canadian.  Even in these circumstances, it can take a lot of time and paperwork to ensure that you get to live in the country. 


Although not having to pay as much on medical bills can be a major plus, especially if you or a family member have a chronic illness, it’s not worth moving if this is the only reason you want to move.

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