Holiday Weight Loss Tips: How To Lose Weight This Holiday

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If you have been working hard to take off a couple of pounds or if you are looking to begin your weight loss journey, you do not need to worry the holidays will interfere. The extravagant dinners and indulgent desserts do not need to ruin your weight loss goals. Nor do you need to put off starting losing weight until after the holidays. It’s true that Americans on average gain about one pound over the holidays. And they frequently keep that weight the rest of year, slowly accruing more and more weight over the years. But you don’t have to follow that course. Research shows that with these helpful tips, you can lose weight this holiday season.

As the numbers of overweight and obese people grow each year, researchers are studying how to slow and stop this trend. As of 2020, nearly 42 percent of American adults were obese. The numbers of overweight and obese adults was close to double that at 73 percent in 2018. Many different eating patterns and weight loss techniques have received scrutiny. Diets, like the Mediterranean diet, and exercise recommendations along with self-monitoring routines, like daily weight checks or portion control, can help with managing and losing weight. The holidays threaten routines and practices. Healthy rituals can be overset quickly. However, these holiday weight loss tips can keep you trim and feeling great this season.

  1. Have a holiday weight loss plan.

    Research shows that thinking ahead and developing a plan of attack can help limit slip ups and give you a better chance to successfully keep your weight goals and plans. Think through your holiday favorites and consider which ones are most worth indulging in. If that slice of pumpkin pie is worth the calories, what other dishes can you forego or limit? Familiarize yourself with tools to help monitor and manage your weight. Commit yourself to some, like weighing yourself daily. For others, be ready to use them when needed, like suggesting active, nonfood related activities. Sharing your plan with a friend or family member can help you keep on track, too.

  2. Have a weight loss toolbelt ready.

    Research also shows that having multiple modes of attack is helpful for keeping the weight off during the holidays. The more tools that you use the more likely you are to stick to your weight goals. Making sure to exercise everyday will not compensate for consistently overeating or eating poorly throughout the holidays. Weighing yourself will not help when a table overflowing with delicious dishes and desserts is sitting right in front of you. Use of variety of methods to lose weight this holiday season.

  3. Self-monitoring

    One of the most consistently successful dieting techniques is to self-monitor. This method includes several tools for your holiday weight loss plan. Self-monitor your weight, checking daily or weekly, adjusting eating and lifestyle as soon as weight increases and celebrating when the weight drops off. Thinking through calories is another way to self-monitor. You can use Calorie Control Council calorie count for traditional holiday dishes as a helpful tool. You may also consider the amount of energy equivalent to certain tempting dishes. For example, how long would you have to walk to burn the calories in mashed potatoes and gravy? This can be helpful for determining what is worth it.

  4. Working health into holiday life

    A great way to lose weight this holiday season is to find ways to combine healthy practices into the season’s traditions. So many traditions are food related, but consider making some active. In the snowy, cold states, ice skating or sledding can be fun ways to spend time with friends and family. Taking a walking tour of neighborhoods with spectacular holiday decorations is another idea. Look into healthier ways to prepare some dishes, like sweet potatoes. Or you can bring a new, healthy dish to share at each holiday gathering, ensuring some quality food for your body. Be sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the rest of your meals, putting away the candy and giving away or freezing unhelpful leftovers after holiday spreads. Steps like these can help you continue to incorporate healthy living patterns into your holidays.

The holiday season does not need to be a time to regress in your diet or another reason to put off beginning your weight loss journey. Research shows that it is possible to maintain and even lose weight during the holidays. You don’t even have to cut out all of your favorite dishes. Think through a plan for losing weight and get some help and encouragement along the way. You may find that you are able to lose weight this holiday season.


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