7 Ways Intelligent Threads Help You Perform Better at Work and on the Field

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Whether in the office at work or on the field, the body experiences a variety of stressors every day that can cause pain, discomfort, and even injury. A tackle on the football field, hitting an unexpected bump during a mountain bike ride, the repetitive motion of typing on a computer, or slouching at a desk for eight-plus hours – all of these exert pressure on the body. If unchecked, this continuous force can lead to decreased performance, higher risk of injury, and long-term physical damage. Fortunately, athletes, business professionals, and entrepreneurs alike can get a leg up on the competition, changing the game by merely changing their wardrobe.

Developed by alternative manual therapist Brian Burzynski, D.PSc., SRM, Intelligent Threads® is a technology-based clothing line designed to correct the body’s alignment for improved performance and muscle recovery while at work or play. Based on 20 years and more than 30,000 hours spent working with everyone from pro athletes to business builders, each item harnesses the power of Myo-Equilibration (Myo-E) technology to help wearers:

  1. Relieve sore muscles and reduce fatigue: Athletes know that muscle recovery is paramount for optimal performance. Even entrepreneurs with rigorous work travel schedules can rely on Intelligent Threads® to reduce soreness and relieve stiff muscles. Myo-E technology supports the body in its proper anatomical structure, allowing muscles to fully release and feel at their best.
  2. Lower the risk of injury: By integrating Myo-E technology into their game jerseys, the Colorado Springs Inferno indoor pro soccer team experienced a reduction in soft tissue injuries from 12 to 0. Injury is often caused by imbalances between the muscles and the fascia tissue holding them together. Intelligent Threads® is designed to lower the risk of soft tissue injuries by keeping muscles loose and relaxed. There is even evidence to suggest that Myo-E technology can break up or reduce scar tissue with long-term use.
  3. Maximize physical performance: If your car tires are out of alignment, you can still drive fast, but it will affect performance and long-term health. Similarly, Intelligent Threads® is created to align the body, reducing pressure and muscle resistance to improve function. It enables maximum physical output by bringing balance to every muscle, allowing each to fire and engage fully.
  4. Recover faster: With a top-notch diet, training schedule, and access to physical therapy, defensive end Justin Houston of the Indianapolis Colts experienced better muscle recovery with Intelligent Threads®. Wearing one set during each game and one at night, he can heal faster, stay on the field longer, and perform at his peak ability.
  5. Achieve deep relaxation: Even when you feel relaxed, specific muscles in the body remain tight because the bone structure is out of place. Conversely, the bone structure cannot improve when muscles remain tense. Intelligent Threads® allows full muscle releases, which in turn relaxes the skeletal structure. Some wearers report that this full-body relaxation leads to deep mind relaxation as well. There is even evidence to suggest that Myo-E technology can induce a parasympathetic state, reducing resting heart rate by up to 8 beats per minute. A great addition for work or play.
  6. Slow the aging process: The more stress the body experiences, the faster it may age. Consider pro athletes who play for only a handful of years before their bodies wear out. Intelligent Threads® can help reduce the physical stress that leads to accelerated aging, aligning the body so that joints, bones, and muscles sustain less daily wear and tear.
  7. Achieve better posture and improve mental focus: Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll, reducing muscle ability, and misaligning the skeletal system. Without support, the muscles can fatigue quickly, making it difficult to sit up perfectly straight without discomfort. Intelligent Threads® allows the body to achieve proper alignment, relaxing the muscles so that a fully upright posture is not only possible but more comfortable and natural. By lining up the spine correctly, blood can flow to muscles and the brain for better physical vitality and increased alertness.
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The Myo-E technology in Intelligent Threads® can help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury for athletes, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to feel their best. Reach the peak of your abilities in the boardroom, the game room, and beyond. Learn more about the world’s most advanced wearable technology at IntelligentThreads.com.

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