Time to take matters in your hands

Times are unpredictable. No matter how much we plan in advance, safely, there is always that tiny chance of it being messed up with an uncertainty. Now, the uncertainty could be of any shape and/ or form. It could be an unexpected visit from unwanted guests, sudden rescheduling of work meeting, unforeseen assignment/ presentation to spend the night on or a more serious health issue. Let’s face it, there’s no running away from it but the least you can do is mitigate them to a great extent by taking matters in your hands.

Here are certain tips for you to not cancel on that lunch date with your childhood friend or a mandatory dinner with your family for an unanticipated event.

Schedule your day

Scheduling is often overlooked as too school/ college like but hey, my friend, it never goes out of business. At all ages and phases of your life, scheduling comes in handy with respect to providing you with a rough picture of your day and in hindsight, giving you a grip on your day to day life. Everything from a quick coffee stop to a 30 minute workout must be scheduled in your planner. It will allow you to understand where and when you can save or rather, spend more time. Maybe if you take a shorter route or workout at 6 a.m. instead of after work, you might be able to get time off the traffic and can squeeze in a nice FaceTime session with your mom at night.

It is imperative to understand that your responsibility doesn’t just end at planning; it must also mean that you, in a way, give or take time from another one of your peers keeping it in mind. This way you will not get any last minute surprises and would enable you to live in the moment in fully be present at whatever you’re doing.

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Get your thinking cap on!

Sure, you can schedule your appointments, lunches, meetings, gym etc. but can you really schedule or rather anticipate a health emergency? The answer is absolutely not! Health emergencies are the epitome of uncertainty. They can be scary and hence, can throw you off no matter if it’s you or a loved one.

Needless to say, a health issue can be worrisome but here’s when you need to put that thinking cap on and use that world web for your true advantage. There are multiple websites or even apps that help you with a quick medical opinion so as to have a consultation session with a professional medicine practitioner. With that said, speedoc.com is one such website to provide you any medical advice/ consultation you need. You can even demand a housecall doctor if the online communication is not satisfying or enough for the situation at hand.

Learn to say no

Learning to say no or well, just unlearning the urge to please everyone must have a dedicated session in High School. We all, once if not all the time face situations where we say yes even when our head is screaming otherwise. It is pertinent to understand that, it is totally fine to say no and trust me, it does not hurt anyone’s feelings. We’re all adults, mature enough to understand that spontaneity is not everyone’s cup of tea. By saying no, you can get away with completing that book you’ve been reading or catch up on the new drama series you started or just going out with your own self to a fancy dinner date. Take things in your hands without cancelling out the things that are important and make you happy!

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