Rhinoplasty- Expectations and risks related to nose surgery


Several factors can make Rhinoplasty challenging nose surgery. However, the challenges faced by the patient during nose surgery are small, but still; such changes can make a big difference. It would help if you made a proper plan with your doctor before going forward for nose surgery.

Possible risks related to nose surgery

  • Breathing problem through the nose
  • Adverse reaction to the anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Discoloration, pain, or swelling that can last longer
  • Numbness around or maybe in the nose
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding

Fortunately, the risks related to the nose are small as compared to other surgeries. You need to consult about proper medications and recovery steps after getting the nose surgery.

Preparation for nose surgery

Before you decide that you need Rhinoplasty, it is essential to meet your surgeon and discuss all the vital factors. It can determine whether you need nose surgery or not. Some of the factors which are necessary to consult with your surgeon before getting nose surgery:

Physical exam: When you visit your doctor, then they will conduct a complete test for a physical examination, which includes some laboratory tests, blood tests, and many more. It is beneficial for you and doctors to get the examination done ofthe facial features inside as well outside of your nose.

  • How is physical examination helpful?

The physical tests help the doctor to determine what changes need to make, who includes physical features, and how can the surgery affect the final results. The examination is also said to be critical because it helps in determining the impact of nose job on your breathing process.

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Medical history: It is one of the primary factors asked by your doctor when you visit them for nose surgery. Many doctors can ask you what the main objectives and the reasons of motivation for getting nose surgery are. The surgeons will ask about the complete medical history of you before going through the nose surgery.

  • How awareness of medical history helpful?

When the doctors asked you about your medical history when you visit them for getting nose surgery, then you need to give them proper information. It includes a history of nasal surgeries, obstruction, and medications if you are taking. If anyone is having a bleeding disorder like hemophilia, then they are not the right candidate for getting nose surgery.

Discussion on patient’s expectations

It is beneficial if you and your doctor are talking about the motivations which you are having for getting nose surgery. The nose surgeons will explain the benefits of nose surgery and what it cannot do as the final results. It would help if you got open with your surgeon while discussing your medical history, expectations from nose surgery, an appearance that you want, and many more.

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