Relieve Constipation and Support Weight Loss

Colon Detox A
Colon Detox A

Farlong Nutraceutical, a vertically integrated, plant-based ingredient and supplement company, conducted a 30-day double blind, placebo-controlled safety and efficacy study with 125 healthy human subjects using InnerPure® Colon Detox to determine the effects on healthy bowel movement, weight management and acne.

A recent study followed 100 subjects taking various dosages of InnerPure® supplements, and 25 subjects on placebo. During the 30-day study period, 34 subjects took one capsule twice daily, 33 took two capsules twice daily, and 33 took three capsules twice daily. The 25 subjects on placebo took one capsule twice daily for the duration of the study. On day 15 and 30, subjects were evaluated for compliance and weight, and laboratory tested for blood work.

Upon conclusion of the 30-day period, InnerPure® was shown to be safe, effective, and well tolerated with no negative impact on any organs or systems, and no interactions, sensitivities, or side effects reported during the course of the study. The most significant positive impacts were seen in relieving constipation and weight loss.

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