Antiobiotic and Hormone-Free Meat Snacks

As the warm weather returns, so do outdoor activities. Are you looking for a protein packed, yummy snack for camp, car rides, workouts, picnics, hikes and more? Real smokehouse-made Vermont Smore & Cure’s mini sticks are the answer. In new Bacon, Barbeque Beef, and Turkey Pepperoni flavors. Also a great option for social-distance-minded, single-packed snacks at outdoor gatherings.


Spring is the time for renewal, but it’s also time for outdoor fun and play – on-the-go snacks are critical.


Vermont Smoke & Cure’s Mini-Sticks are not only nutritious, energy-producing, anti-biotic- and hormone-free snacks – they are easy to pack and take on the go and packed individually.


With nine flavors, Vermont Smoke & Cure offers lifestyle-friendly, easy to pack, quick on the go meat sticks that are cured in a real Vermont Smokehouse!

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