7 Healthier Alternatives to Junk Food


Spring is here, summer is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: tank tops, crop tops, shorts, and beach days. No matter if you are trying to reach that bikini body – or simply want to have a healthy weight – here are some great alternatives that you may use to replace junk food. And making a few lifestyle changes can help as well.

1. Kale Chips as Potato Chips

Everyone loves chips. However, instead of eating potato chips, you should try going for kale chips. They have a higher nutritional value – and a much lower fat quantity.

Plus, they are very crispy – and if prepared right, they can give off that satisfying crunch. Just bake them with your favorite flavors, and then place them in little baggies to replicate the convenience of on-the-go chips.

2. Baked Veggies as French Fries

If you are craving French fries, you might want to reach for veggies instead – such as carrots, sweet potatoes, or parsnips. A serving of veggies fries has a much lower calorie count compared to French fries – and they are much, much healthier. Plus, they still retain the crispy texture while hanging on to the great taste.

3. Yogurt Fruit Pops as Ice Cream

We know how difficult it is to say no to ice cream, particularly when the summer heat seems to be cooking you alive. Still, you might get the same satisfaction from fruity frozen yogurt or a banana pop that has been covered in dark chocolate. They are tasty, and will certainly help cool you down.

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4. Homemade Smoothies as Milkshakes

You don’t need to turn towards unhealthy milkshakes whenever you are craving creamy cold delights; you can turn towards a fruit smoothie instead. It tastes pretty much like a smoothie, but if it’s packed with the right ingredients, it’s much healthier.

5. Chocolate-Dipped Nuts as Candy

Dark chocolate can be very healthy and beneficial for your body – provided you consume it in moderate quantity. Take some nuts, dip them in melted dark chocolate (or even homemade chocolate), and there you have it – a treat that is much healthier than candy.

6. Crust-Free Pizza as Regular Pizza

Perhaps the unhealthiest part of the pizza is the dough – so why not take that out? You can make a low-carb pizza by replacing the dough with some zucchini. It will still retain the crunchiness – and you’ll be able to enjoy the cheesy goodness without consuming too many carbs.

7. Bunless Burgers

If you are craving burgers, you can easily replace the buns with sweet potato rounds, lettuce, or portobellos. You might also want to use lean meat for the burger, and swap the cheese for a veggie patty.

You don’t have to put yourself through misery just because you are on a diet. You just need to know how to make the right swaps. If you replace common junk food with these alternatives, it will be much easier for you to stay slim and healthy.

Cara Lucas
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