Three Tips for a Low Sulfur Detox


The Low Sulfur Protocol is one of the most important therapeutic programs available. Until recently it was thought that sulfur was a problem for a very small number of highly sensitive people. What we have come to understand is that impaired sulfur metabolism and utilization in the body impacts a very large portion of patients. The reason for this is surprising, and also gives a glimpse into the new way medicine of the future will be practiced.

The full sulfur elimination diet should be followed for 5-7 days. In most cases, reduction of symptoms is evident within a few days of starting the diet, but allowing for more time will help to calm symptoms further.

Sulfur is playing three critical roles in our bodies. The first and most well-known is its role in detoxification. In the liver a process called sulfation takes place. This is when a sulfate (SO4) molecule gets attached to various toxic chemicals, making them less toxic and able to be excreted in the urine. It is also a critical building block for some other important antioxidants and detoxifying molecules such as glutathione, lipoic acid and methylsulfonylmethionine (MSM).

A second role for sulfur is in the building and strengthening of our connective tissue. Connective tissue literally fills the space between our cells. It takes different forms, and includes tissue such as tendons and ligaments, disks and padding between bones in our spine and other joints, the fascia that covers our muscles, and even our blood itself is classified as a connective tissue. All of this tissue has sulfur as a central component. Without it, the tissue loses its integrity. There are some serious genetic diseases caused by the inability to appropriately incorporate sulfur into connective tissue.

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The third role for sulfur is less well know. In fact, it has only been revealed through research in the last 3 years or so. This role has to do with sulfur’s role in organizing water in the body. This is a fascinating subject, with the full implications of this role for sulfur just beginning to be understood.

Water in our bodies is not the sloshy, drippy kind of liquid that comes from the tap. Instead, water in the body exists predominantly as a gel. When water encounters a surface with a strong negative charge, it forms a thick, relatively immoble layer that can span several million molecules thick! So where in the body would water encounter this kind of surface? Every cell, every membrane, virtually every surface in the body has this negative charge, building up this water gel.

Sulfur is what gives these surfaces their negative charge. When sulfur is functioning the way it should, the water builds up, adopts special properties and plays a central role in the health of the cells. This water layer regulates movement of nutrients and toxins in and out of cells, it allows cells to communicate with each other, and it provides a virtually endless source of energy to cells.

Water as a gel has several unique properties. One of the most fascinating is its ability to absorb, store and transmit information in the form of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These EMFs contain the information needed by the cell to function in a balanced and healthy way, and water communicates changes in cell function through these EMFs.

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When the sulfur around cells and lining our membranes becomes deficient or if it gets bound to metals and other pollutants, it breaks down water structure. And when that happens, a whole set of symptoms can follow.

The Low Sulfur Protocol developed and implemented at Immersion Health has one primary goal: restore sulfur to its normal, healthy functioning in the body. Once that happens, water falls into place, forming its gelled layers, providing the vital support needed for healthy cell, tissue and system function.

Andrew Ellis

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