4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin

Apart from being the largest organ of the body, the skin is also a vital defensive component that fights foreign invaders such as germs and bacteria (1). But just like any other defensive structure, the skin can deteriorate and age over time, so you will have to take good care of it.

Skin care is not only great in making us look young, healthy, and full of life. It’s also important in strengthening the body’s first line of defense and maintaining its integrity against wear and tear.

Here are four practical ways you can do to maintain healthy skin.

Watch your diet

Our diets can affect our bodies in drastic ways. It’s only a matter of adopting a diet that’s great for the body as well as the skin. One thing is for sure, you want to stay away from greasy and sugary food and opt instead for food that’s rich in Vitamin E, which is an essential component in skin care (2).

To get your fix of Vitamin E, you need look no further than seafood, specifically fish. Herring, tuna, and salmon are not only known for having properties that promote heart health, they also contain a high volume of Vitamin E. Aside from that, they also have omega-3, which is instrumental in controlling acne and skin inflammation.

Go to a great derma clinic

Along with natural ways to keeping your skin healthy, you can also consult experts who can help prescribe treatments for skin conditions. There are many other services at most clinics aside from beauty solutions like skin whitening and moisturizing.

When choosing a great dermatological clinic for whatever skin condition you have, it’s always best to find a clinic that has the right equipment and people to help you out. If you’re in Canada, look for a clinic with a wide range of newer treatment devices like DermMedica. Most modern clinics treat medical skin conditions like rosacea and red spots in addition to beauty services like laser hair removal and Coolsculpting weight loss.

Quit your vices

Cigarette smoking is not only detrimental to your lungs, but the chemicals involved in this vice can also affect your skin (3). In fact, tobacco smoke accelerates aging and dries out the skin, leaving cracks on the surface. If you have been smoking for quite a while now, there’s no better time to stop than now.

Also, drinking alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine is also bad for skin health. Sure enough, alcohol absorbs water and leaves your skin dehydrated. This is not to say that drinking a pint with your friends is necessarily bad. It’s having too much to drink that does all the damage to your skin.

Keep yourself protected from the sun

Who doesn’t like the glow of sunshine? Still, as much as sunshine supplies us with Vitamin D which essential to skin care, too much exposure can actually give more problems than benefits.

Before going out on a beach holiday, remember to lather up your skin with sunscreen that has the right SPF-levels. One thing’s for sure, you want to get sunscreen that has all the features for keeping your skin healthy such as anti-aging and anti-pollution components.

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by Cara Lucas

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