SuperBerine for Cholesterol Supports Cardiovascular Health

SuperBerine HumanN

Humann, an industry leader in functional food and nutritional supplements for human health is pleased to announce its newest product, SuperBerine (super-bur-reen). SuperBerine is made with a unique, clinically researched berberine extract that helps supports healthy cholesterol levels nearly 3x more effectively than diet and exercise alone1 and offers nearly 10x higher absorption when compared to standard berberine capsules.2

SuperBerine is available in capsule format and the main ingredients are berberine phytosome (550mg) and olive fruit extract (50mg). The unique berberine phytosome in SuperBerine has been clinically studied for its benefits on cholesterol support. The olive fruit extract is derived from high-quality Italian olives containing a highly standardized amount of beneficial polyphenols. These polyphenols possess strong antioxidant properties that support cardiovascular health.

“I have been a firm believer in berberine for years. The clinically studied berberine phytosome paired with olive fruit extract in SuperBerine packs a unique approach to supporting cholesterol and blood glucose metabolism,” said Dr. Joseph Purita, MD. Dr. Purita is the Chief Medical Officer at The Institute of Regenerative Medicine and serves as a member of Humann‘s Science Advisory Board. “I recommend SuperBerine to all my patients. Its key ingredient is backed by solid science and clinical results.”

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