Orbitel’s O’s Bubble Unveils Ready-to-Drink Jelly Popping Boba

20230919 Press Release Popping Boba

Orbitel International Corp, a prominent name in the global bubble tea phenomenon, proudly introduces its latest innovation – the O’s Bubble Jelly Popping Boba Infused Drink. Building upon its successful boba product line, this exciting addition elevates the world of bubble tea to new heights.

Savor the Innovation: O’s Bubble Jelly Popping Boba in a Can and Cup!
Picture real juice-infused oolong Peach or oolong Lychee combined with aloe vera, all conveniently packaged in cans. O’s Bubble’s Jelly Popping Boba Canned Drink delivers an innovation of flavor, pushing the boundaries of refreshment. Meanwhile, the Jelly Popping Boba Cup epitomizes premium and authentic popping boba-infused beverages. Presented in a tea shop-inspired cup with a specially designed lid for easy boba-poking and sipping, it offers a genuine tea shop experience. Crafted from natural, vegan, non-GMO ingredients, the popping or bursting boba symbolizes the zenith of innovation in the beverage realm. Prepare to enhance your refreshment experience with an infusion of creativity, flavor, and novelty.

The World’s First 100% Home Compostable Tea Straws
O’s Bubble leads with innovation and sustainability, offering the world’s first 100% home compostable tea fiber straws, certified by DIN CERTCO and BPI. Savor our burst of flavors while contributing to a greener future.

About Orbitel International Corp
Orbitel International Corp is a global bubble tea industry pioneer, delivering its genuine taste and experience worldwide. O’s Bubble offers innovative bubble tea creations for aficionados and newbies, from our Instant Marbling Boba Kit to Popping Boba. Explore the full spectrum of bubble tea possibilities and embrace the future of this beloved beverage with us.

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