Why Is Phosphatidylserine a Top Brain Supplement?

Phosphatidylserine is a fat type that occurs naturally in all cells of the body. You can find it concentrated highly in the brain and as a fact, half of this fat is found in the brain. This fat is a highly regarded brain supplement that occurs naturally. This supplement has proven to be efficient and safe for people of all ages from children to grown-ups. This fat shows the potential of treating ADHD, stress, dementia, age-related cognitive decline, and even memory.

Is this fat a requirement for healthy cells of the brain?

Phosphatidylserine fat, also called the PS, is a vital nutrient for optimally functioning and healthy brain cells. This fat has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic structure in regards to water. This structure gives the phospholipids a systematic arrangement of parallel layers called the phospholipid bilayer. This layer forms the major layer of the cell membranes of the human brain. These layers act as a gatekeeper for regulating what gets in and out of the cells of the brain. It allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to get in while letting out metabolic wastes.

By supporting the integrity of the cell membranes of the brain, this fat keeps pathogens, toxins, and other unwanted invaders from the brain. Neurons need this fat to conduct impulses of the nerves. It is also essential for neuroplasticity preservation so that your brain repairs existent brain cells and generates new ones. It increases the fluidity of the brain, making the brain cells to actually and adaptably respond to stressors. This fat helps to improve bone health, mood, memory, and mental focus.

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Top benefits of the phosphatidylserine fat

It improves one’s memory

Supplementation of the phosphatidylserine increases the calculation speed done by the short term memory by up to twenty percent. Children that have ADHD see an improvement in the short term memory after supplementing the fat. Grown-ups that supplement this fat experienced a low incidence of complaints after the supplementation process.

It aids performance

The phosphatidylserine fat also increases the time taken by individuals that are exercising to get tired. This molecule assists athletes to gain more positive effects while exercising to do more exercises. It decreases the damage exposed to the muscle and improves endocrine response to stress induced by exercise. According to a 2007 study of golfers published in the international society of sports journal, supplementation of the PS fat on young golfers brought about significant results. After supplementing it for six weeks, it improved projected stress levels and improved the number of successful ball flights during toe-off.

Another study focused on the supplementation of the PS fat through feeding cyclists with 750 mg of soybeans for ten days. The finding showed an increase in the time taken to get exhausted by eighty-five percent of VO2 max. VO2 max represents the maximum oxygen amount an individual utilizes during an exercise.? This factor can determine the capacity of an athlete to perform a sustained exercise and link it to overall aerobic endurance.

Combats depression

Studies show that patients that have depressions possess a compromised flow of blood to several regions of the brain. Having a deficiency in omega 3 poses a health condition that decreases blood flow to the cells of the brain. Lack of omega three also causes a reduction in the levels of PS fat levels by thirty-five percent. Therefore, if an individual is undergoing depression, he has an average reduction in PS fats and omega 3. It makes sense that increasing the intake of PS through supplementation and food helps to combat depression.

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Phosphatidylserine affects neurotransmitters levels in the brain that relates to the mood and research shows that it decreases the severity of the depression. In a preliminary trial, old women that suffer from depression got a 300ml PS supplementation for thirty days, and the result was a seventy percent average reduction the severity of the depression.

Aids slow-down of age-related cognitive decline

Phosphatidylserine from the brain improves mood, cognition, and memory in older adults as per the recent researches. The researchers made the patients take 300ml of PS fat per day. In the first study, the people got healed after fifteen days and then continued to take the supplement for thirty days. The researchers realized that the PS fat produced improved improvement in the depressive symptoms, behavior, and memory in all subjects. The other study lasted for six months in many seniors that had cognitive impairments. Researchers found that the produced PS produced significant improvements in cognitive parameters and behavior after three months.

How does the phosphatidylserine work?

If you would like to understand the pros of the PS fat, you need to know how it works. The key information piece based on the blood-brain barrier because the filtering mechanism it uses works as a protection. It can only allow specific substances to pass through. After bypassing this barrier, the PS fat gives the brain the allowance to metabolize easily. Additional to great efficiency, the supplement enhances communication between the cells of the brain. When you increase the fluidity of the membranes of the cells within the neurons, aging or damaged cells can improve.

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Once you rejuvenate the neurons, they start operating at optimal levels, meaning they have the capability to send and receive info at a fast speed. Additionally, the PS fat supports both mood and cognition and influences key neurotransmitters. While supporting the brain, this molecule restores key supplies of acetylcholine that is essential in restoring the cognitive functioning of the memory. People believe that it also increases the availability of dopamine that is important for mood and cognition.

On other occasions, individuals that suffer from depression experience improved symptoms when taking the PS fat dose. There is also a belief that when the dopamine levels reduce, the symptoms of ADHD and ADD worsens. Since it is a natural product, you have to look at the broad benefits that you will get from using it. Cortisol effects also prevail regarding physique and mentality. In most cases, athletes will experience a spike in the levels of cortisol after an intensive workout. Whether you are running, cycling, or lifting, the phosphatidylserine fat will help you kick start prevention and recovery of the muscles.

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