Boost Your Nutrition in Your New World

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Tips for supporting Immunity

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Tips For Boosting Your Immune System

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Head Off your Work from Home Habits

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Top Tips to Boost Your Immune System

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Grape and Salmon Power Salad

The grape and salmon power salad is a delicious and satisfying recipe with a great source of omega-3, resveratrol, and antioxidants. Make it ahead of time and pack it for lunch. Grape and Salmon Power Read More

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What can you do to boost your immune system?

The idea of boosting your immunity is enticing, but the ability to do so has proved elusive for several reasons. The immune system is precisely that — a system, not a single entity. To function well, it requires balance and harmony. There is still much that researchers don’t know about the intricacies and interconnectedness of the immune response. For now, there are no scientifically proven direct links between lifestyle and enhanced immune function.

But that doesn’t mean the effects of lifestyle on the immune system aren’t intriguing and shouldn’t be studied. Researchers are exploring the effects of diet, exercise, age, psychological stress, and other factors on the immune response, both in animals and in humans. In the meantime, general healthy-living strategies make sense since they likely help immune function and they come with other proven health benefits.