Penetrex® Provides Mess-Free Muscle Relief for an Active Summer

PENETREX Amazon RollOn

Common injuries such as stress fractures, tennis elbow and swimmer’s shoulder prevent many from enjoying summer to the fullest. An industry leader in joint and muscle relief, Penetrex® allows outdoor enthusiasts and sports players to get back to doing the things they love sooner, trusted by over 2 million users.

Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy Gel is an easy-to-use roll-on that works perfectly for post-workouts, hikes, swims, runs and any exercise or sport. It is a top choice among active and athletic people on the go who enjoy its non-greasy, non-sticky formula applied directly to the body. The natural ingredients, such as Arnica, Vitamin B6, MSM, Boswellia Serrata and Capsaicin may help avoid surgery for some injuries by providing temporary relief and reducing inflammation.

“From pickleball to a pickup basketball game, summer calls for us to enjoy outdoor activities,” said Lauren Pershing, Director of Marketing at Penetrex. “This is where Penetrex makes all the difference. Don’t be sidelined with joint aches and miss out on the fun when there’s an easy, natural way to feel better instantly for whole-body relief.”

As summer’s go-to for outdoor activities that can cause injuries in the back, neck, knees, hands or feet, Penetrex is recommended for use alone or with heating pads, ice packs, massagers and supplements. The soothing cream is a unique, non-greasy formulation without the burn, freeze or strong odor of other products, providing targeted benefits directly to the affected area.

Penetrex® is the top joint and muscle relief cream for pickleball players worldwide. Created by a renowned Southern California chemist, find Penetrex products online through the website, AmazonCVSWalmart, and other retailers. For more information, visit

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About Penetrex
Penetrex is an all-natural solution for effective joint and muscle relief. Their non-greasy, vegan formula uses powerful ingredients like Arnica, vitamin B6, and MSM to target the issue and provide immediate relief. Their products have helped over 2 million sufferers soothe their aches and get back to enjoying their lives.

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