The ADHD Evolution: From Prescriptions to Empowering Minds

In the labyrinth of diagnoses, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often emerges as a life sentence—a label that comes with a myriad of challenges and misconceptions. But it is time for that narrative to shift. There is more we can do for ADHD beyond just treating symptoms with medication, Read More

4 Flu-Fighting Friends

Ah—the flu. If there’s anything that can strike fear into the hearts of holiday do-gooders and everyone else this season, it’s the countless microscopic bugs that barge into our bodies uninvited and tear our immune Read More

Migraines: A Tale of Two Friends

One late summer afternoon, two young women returned home from their 10-year college reunion. Although they were best friends in college, they hadn’t seen each other since they graduated. A healthy lifestyle can help you Read More

Product Picks Sep

By now most families are back in school. And that means group activities, closed in classrooms, lunchtime away from home and bus rides to and from school. Before COVID these were all part of life Read More

Reduce Fatigue during Virtual Meetings

More than a year after the pandemic resulted in many employees shifting to remote work, virtual meetings have become a familiar part of daily life. Along with that may come “Zoom fatigue” – a feeling Read More