What Is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)?

In our time of stressful jobs and constant changing of lifestyles getting pregnant can’t be easy even for the healthiest persons.

In our time of stressful jobs and constant changing of lifestyles getting pregnant can’t be easy even for the healthiest persons. No wonder, that more and more couples look for the medical procedures to facilitate this process.

Factors that determine the choice of therapy

Choosing the right infertility treatment can depend on lots of aspects:

  • who of the couple has fertility problems;
  • whether it’s one of the couple or both persons have this problem;
  • age (usually both persons’ age can affect fertility);
  • reason for infertility;
  • medical condition and diseases that may affect the subsequent treatment.

What is ART and how can it help you to get pregnant?

On the first stages, the woman infertility is treated with drugs and hormones to increase fertility. Some may need surgical intervention to remove the tissue that is blocking reproductive organs.

If none of this helps, a woman and a man are prescribed ART – assisted reproductive technology. ART handles the sperm and eggs separately from their carriers.

ART treatment types

There are a few kinds of reproductive technologies, each of them proven to be effective:

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) deals with a selected and washed sperm, which is placed in a woman’s uterus at the time of ovulation. The point for separating the sperm is removing some chemical agents or any bad bacteria from it that may harm a woman’s reproductive bodies, and cause infections or other illnesses of a kind;
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is slightly different from the IUI. In this procedure, the eggs are fertilized with a sperm in a laboratory, where they turn to embryos. After a few days (usually 3-5 days) these embryos are placed in the uterus. This is a very common treatment for infertility, however, it has its complications like developing multiple eggs;
  • Intrafallopian transfer of zygote and gamete (ZIFT and GIFT). Here, everything is done quickly with collecting sperm and eggs, and then placing them directly into a fallopian tube or joining them in a lab to produce embryos and implant into a tube after 24 hours.
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Each type has its pros and cons, however, the IUI fertility treatment is proven to have good pregnancy rates. It’s usually used for women under 30 years. The advantage of this method is inserting the healthy sperm to prevent uterine spasms and discomfort that often happens with other types of treatments.

Ukraine IVF center caries out both IUI and IVF treatments together with other therapies and gestational methods. The suitable one is chosen depending on the medical condition and the history of infertility.

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