Trying to Conceive? Here is What You Need to Do

Even if you’re not married, it reaches a point where you naturally want to have children of your own. We live in a society where wealth is not only defined by your financial value but the family you have. And a family is not complete without children.

However, infertility has been the cause of unhappiness in most women’s life. The good news is that all these are only temporary and you can conceive any time if you want to. But of course, there are a lot of things that play important role of improving female fertility. Wondering how to do it? Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself fertile.

  • Use Prenatal Vitamin

Sometimes creativity weighs more than intelligence, and prenatal vitamin options become one of the best conceiving tips for a woman. These minerals have undergone a lot of studies and are proven to work well in ensuring your fertility is on check. If you want to have kids in the near future, experts recommend that you adhere to the 400 mcg of folic acid daily for 30 days.

Moreover, prenatal vitamins’ strict intake plays a vital role in preventing any congenital disabilities to both the mother and the child. The minerals also speed up both the spine and neural tube for about 3 to 4 weeks after conception. Talk to experts from Solis Labs before taking these supplements to ensure you do it the right way and benefit accordingly.

  • Frequently Record Your Menstrual Cycle

Are you aware that failure to record your menstrual cycle can get on the way of your conceiving plans? Without a proper menstrual record, you may end up into last minutes mess. 

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However, all this is a walkover if you have the proper menstrual cycle record, and you will get it easy to conceive at the exact time you had approximated.

Some women have an irregular menstrual cycle; they may find it challenging to record their menstrual cycle. 

Worry less because you can track your days using the days in the calendar and still obtain the best results.  

Once a woman’s egg is released, it stays in the ovary for about 12 to 24 hours, while the man’s semen can survive in the woman’s body for five days. If you plan yourself and record your circle, it will be easy for you to catch this time and increase your conceiving chances.  

  • Focus on Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet is considered one of the best things you need to stay healthy and fertile. Although not all that shine promise to be gold, there is a guideline that must adhere to effective results.

According to health experts, women intending to conceive should rely on varieties of healthy foods such as proteins, calcium, and iron, among others. Don’t forget a healthy diet highly rich in folic acid and vitamin B such as broccoli, beans, citrus fruits, and even orange juice.

Nutritionists also recommend that the woman ready to conceive should avoid food with high mercury content such as shark, tilefish, mackerel, and even swordfish. This helps to reduce direct exposure to such toxic metals. Adhering to a good diet will not only help you conceive easily but also keep your unborn baby healthy for all the weeks of your pregnancy.

  • Avoid Drinking and Smoking Habits
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Both drinking and smoking is considered one of the leading causes of infertility. Smoking interferes with your ability to conceive or even hold a pregnancy to the last day. Even if you manage to conceive and give birth successfully, there are chances that your baby will be born with certain defects as a result of your smoking. Therefore, it goes without saying that any woman who is at childbearing age should stay away from cocaine, marijuana, or tobacco. Also, ensure you go slow on alcohol intake for your general well-being and that of your unborn baby.

  • Have Sex When You’re Most Fertile

Fertile window refers to five to six days before the actual evolution in a woman. It is considered as one of the days when a woman is fertile and ready to conceive. The days are always noted at the end of every month. 

So, it would help if you were very time conscious of getting the exact fertile window days.

Women ready to conceive should engage in sex throughout her fertile window. This will guarantee her about over 80% chances of conceiving. However, not all women can trace the fertile window. You don’t have to worry because technology has got you covered by some fertility calendar and tools to help you track your fertile days. Download some of these apps on your phone and let them notify you when you’re about to conceive and have high chances of getting pregnant. Don’t give up too soon if nothing is coming your way.

  • Maintain a Healthy Body Weight
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Do you know that a woman with too much weight minimizes chances of conceiving compared to those with average bodyweight? Too much fat interferes with your weight and makes your body produce excess estrogen, which interferes with ovulation. Anything that hinders the ovulation process will no doubt prevent you from conceiving.

If you’re already overweight of heading towards that, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and control your stress levels to keep your body from gaining too much body weight. Practice good habits to maintain good body weight and improve your fertility.


Don’t brand yourself infertile before you can try these tips that can help you conceive. Every woman can conceive, and if your doctor tells you you’re okay, then you are. All you have to do is make use of all the healthy habits and keep yourself happy. Eat healthily, take vitamins, quit hard substances, maintain healthy body weight, and get intimate when you’re most fertile. Ensure you don’t stress too much about it, and everything will fall into place once the time is right.

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