Medical screenings and health tips all women should consider

A healthy lifestyle is something any woman should prioritize. Exercising, eating the right foods, and most importantly staying on top of regular medical checkups are all things you should be focusing on.  It’s normal for you to want to avoid dealing with a medical problem, and in some situations, you could ensure prevention simply by focusing more on your health and by understanding the importance of visiting the doctor’s office from time to time. While the topic is a complex one, and multiple details need to be considered, there are a few important screenings you should be opting for in the near future, and a few other tips that you should remember and follow from now on. Here are some suggestions that might help you take better care of your well-being and prevent you from facing a potential health complication:


Blood Glucose Tests

After the age of 45, specialists say that women should get a blood glucose test once every three years. The reason for that is the risk of diabetes increases around that age, and you might need to make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle. Through this type of test, you will find out if you are prediabetic, which will allow you to act on the issue before it aggravates itself and becomes more difficult to handle. If diabetes runs in your family, or if you are overweight, taking a blood glucose test might be necessary even from a younger age, and you’ll need to get screened more often as well. You’ll get the required advice here at your first consultation.

Regular gynecological checkups

Visiting your gynecologist shouldn’t be a decision triggered by the appearance of an issue, but a habit ensured for preventive and proper care reasons. All women are recommended to schedule regular gynecological checkups, gynecological medical concerns being the ones that arise more frequently when it comes to womens health. Pap tests for cervical cancer are an example of medical screens you need to pursue periodically, considering the high number of women confronting themselves with this type of cancer on a global scale. Seeing your gynecologist more frequently, will also give you the chance to understand your body better, to maintain your sex life optimal and to minimize the odds of developing a medical condition that doesn’t come with clear symptoms from the start. To make things less stressful here, it’s highly important to have a gynecologist you feel comfortable with. Find a good clinic that has proper equipment, and check the doctor’s experience and qualifications before booking your appointment. Once you find a gynecologist you actually like, this sort of checkups will no longer seem like a burden to you.

Attend a counselling session before choosing a contraceptive approach

Perhaps you and your partner have started discussing about the possibility of you taking birth control pills. If you fear an undesired pregnancy, a contraceptive solution can be ideal, but before you actually make any decisions in this department, talking to a specialist is recommended. Getting pills without prescription or deciding on a contraceptive approach can affect your health in ways you might not be aware of, so it’s always advised to benefit from professional guidance on the matter. Set up a counselling session at a good clinic and find out what a specialist actually recommended you to do here. Taking the wrong birth control pills could harm your body more than you think, so request assistance and together with your healthcare provider you can decide on the best solution for your situation.

Skin examination

One of the most important health-related actions, but too often neglected is skin examination. Experts at American Cancer Society, for example, highlight the importance of examining your skin every month. Luckily, this isn’t something you need to do at the doctor’s office, but right at home. You would be able to observe unusual signs if you handle the task with attention. What you need to do here is inspect your entire body and see if new moles have appeared on your skin, or if the appearance of your existing moles has altered in any way. If you spot something unusual, you should go see a dermatologist. Skin cancer risks are higher when someone in your family has had it, and your healthcare provider might advise you to increase your in office exam frequency. Remember that a change in an existing mole could be an early sign of cancer, and should not be neglected.

Menopause care

If you are going through menopause, the symptoms experienced might be currently affecting your quality of life. Menopause is linked to all sorts of unpleasant sensations, and while you might not be able to eliminate the symptoms entirely, you could get better control of the situation and ensure optimal menopausal care. A simple visit to the right clinic can bring you some great result, so as soon as the first stage of menopause starts, call your doctor and set up a consultation.

Diet and exercise

Finally, you need to be well-aware of the effects a sedentary lifestyle and disorganized eating habits can have on your health, both physically and mentally. If you are determined to keep your health in check, it’s time to make a few changes in terms of dietary plan and exercising as well. Make sure to work out for at least 30 minutes a day, regardless if it’s jogging, Pilates or going to the gym, eliminate junk food from your diet and start consuming more fruit and vegetables.

Regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle in general are important, if you want to prevent potential conditions from developing or having your general level of wellness affected. The screenings explained here are the ones you should be getting first, if you haven’t had these check-ups in a long time. Certain health problems can develop without any noticeable symptoms, and if you don’t prioritize adequate health habits, there is always the risk of facing complications. Take into account the tips mentioned above, and it will be much easier for you to keep your health in a top-notch condition.

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